Our New Podcast: Real-World Experiences with AI, Automation, and More!

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As you may have heard – we’ve launched our own podcast!

It’s called “Automating the Enterprise,” and its goal is to bring together experts from the worlds of data, automation, AI, integration (and more) to chat about their experiences and share the lessons they’ve learned in bringing technology innovation to their organizations.

Hosted by our very own Dayle Hall, the first three episodes are already live – and we’re thrilled with the response from so many of you. If you missed an episode, you can find past shows here on our website.

The recent episodes feature discussions with three very different technology leaders – Julia Keller, Director, Enterprise Data & Integration Services at Smith College, Dr. Vinesh Sukumar, Head of AI/ML Product Management at Qualcomm, and Gary Flowers, CIO at Year Up. Each brings a unique perspective to our twice-a-month investigation into how businesses, non-profits, and everything in between are tapping into the latest technologies to drive growth and innovation, and transform how work gets done.

The premier episode featured an in-depth discussion about how to digitally transform a top educational institution – and doing so during a pandemic. Dayle and Julia reviewed the ways that Smith College has approached its digital transformation, enabling the college to be agile when the world demands it. In thinking about digital transformation, Julia said:

“…don’t underestimate the volatility of the data in any kind of change process. It’s really easy to approach implementation or anything that involves a large amount of conversion of data into a new system, in the way you would approach a traditional integration. But the data you’re working with is not stable. It actually doesn’t exist yet in many ways.”

In our second episode, Vinesh and Dayle talked about the ways that AI and machine learning are being used to drive business growth and transformation. In the podcast, Vinesh commented:

“…as long as you understand the strengths of it and plan for success, AI is going to do some fantastic stuff in the enterprise space. My advice would be to start the discussions. And then, obviously, it’s how you look at your data, how you manipulate your data, and how you use your data that makes the experience much better. So that would be my emphasis moving forward.”

Most recently, our third episode featured a lively chat about the use of technology to provide equal access to educational and employment opportunities and the parallels and differences between technology strategies for the business and non-profit worlds. In Gary’s interview, he described how a laser focus on desired outcomes from the start is key:

“…if you are an IT leader and you want to be successful, I would tell you exactly that. Don’t focus on the tech, focus on the outcomes. And don’t focus on the outcomes at the end, focus on the outcomes at the beginning. Talk to your business partners and say, ‘Hey, I’m not just your technologist, I’m your partner. So help me understand what you’re trying to accomplish and help me understand what the outcomes are at the end so I can build you something to where you can measure those outcomes.’”

We’ve got plenty more insights where those came from. In the coming weeks, Dayle will be chatting with esteemed guests such as:

  • Pethachi Pichappan, the VP of Information Technology at Concentrix
  • Pete Gibson, the former CIO and CTO at leading consumer brands including Johnny Rockets, Alamo Car Rental, and Wyndham Hotel Group
  • Carlos Balam-Kuk Solís, the Associate Vice President – Technology Innovation Office at Texas State University.

Each will share details about how automation and integration technologies have enabled them to improve their organizations and deliver on key initiatives that would have seemed impossible years ago.We invite you to give our Automating the Enterprise podcast a listen on our site or on your favorite podcast platform, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music. We hope you’ll find it as entertaining and informative as we do.

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