SnapLogic is proud to be a founding partner in Google’s new Works with BigQuery Program

Teresa Dodson
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A data warehouse consolidates data from disparate sources and performs analytics on the aggregated data to add value to the business operations by providing insights. The cloud data warehouse is pivotal to the enterprise analytics strategy and is a key part of the digital transformation journey for enterprises that are data-driven. Google BigQuery was designed as a “cloud-native” data warehouse. It was built to address the needs of data-driven organizations in a cloud-first world.

BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) serverless cloud data warehouse, allows for extremely fast queries at a petabyte-scale using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. 

The Google BigQuery Partner Program launched today, April 6, 2022, and SnapLogic is proud to be a Works with BigQuery Program partner. Being a Works with BigQuery Program partner means we have developed a native solution that provides users the ability to easily connect applications and data sources to Google BigQuery, without any coding, while also adopting a modern architecture for Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT).  SnapLogic is 1 of only 8 integration solutions that can claim this distinction.

Our solution enables the modern enterprise to quickly ingest data into the Google cloud data warehouse, gain insights extracted from real-time data, and deliver those insights to the right people at the right time. Through native connectivity to Google BigQuery, SnapLogic can perform common, BigQuery-specific commands, like Google account configuration, bulk loading of data from Google storage, streaming data from other sources and many more.  All of this enables enterprises to achieve cloud-native data integration, at scale. SnapLogic and Google BigQuery can help your enterprise:

  1. Deliver a 360⁰ view of your business: SnapLogic and Google BigQuery make it easy to leverage the benefits of cloud computing to upload, process, store, and analyze all relevant datasets, both internal and external to your organization, for a complete view of your business.
  2. Achieve real-time insights: SnapLogic and Google BigQuery enable your enterprise to achieve insights from real-time events that can only be achieved with a cloud data warehouse providing a present state of the business. 
  3. Gain cost efficiency: SnapLogic and Google BigQuery unlock significant cost and time savings with ELT technology that transforms data right inside GCP. 
  4. Benefit from repeatability: SnapLogic simplifies data integration with pre-built Snap connectors designed specifically for Google BigQuery, making it easy for anyone to use and re-use logical expressions and pipelines.

From ingestion and data processing to data storage, advanced analytics and collaboration, SnapLogic, along with BigQuery and Google’s comprehensive, cloud-based data analytics platform, covers the entire analytics value chain.  With this combination of services, it’s the perfect time to modernize your data warehouse and drive smarter decisions through data.

Teresa Dodson
Former Sr. Director, Partner Marketing at SnapLogic

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