#Salesforce1Selfies in Boston – Mobile App Required!

Salesforce1Tour Boston KeynoteI attended the #Salesforce1Tour in Boston this week with the SnapLogic team. The keynote started strong with the Boston Police Gaelic Column bagpipes warming up the crowd. Keith Block, who is from Boston, delivered the keynote with a few shout-outs to his Mom in the audience and a few shots at SAP. The keynote presentation contained a lot of familiar content if you attended Dreamforce 2013, but as always, there were some solid local customer stories and a cool mobile demo. Here’s a view of the keynote from the Green Monster seats.

The partner expo was buzzing most of the day. Here’s a few Boston Salesforce MVPs (great to see you @sfdc_nerd and Cathy O!), Sarah and Rich at the SnapLogic booth, and a picture of our partners from Cervello and Birst at the booth beside us.

Salesforce1Tour MVPs

SnapLogic @ Salesforce1TourCervello







Early in the day I heard about a new initiative Salesforce has launched to get people to post “selfies” at their events. So I took a few and tweeted them out – here’s Jeff Kaplan (@thinkstrategies), Andrew Sim (@simspot), Craig Weich (@craigweich), and Mr. Nate Bride, who has just launched a new company built on the Force.com Platform. Congratulations!

Jeff Kaplan

Andrew Sim

Craig WeichNate Bride







At some point during the day, however, I received a DM on Twitter from @Salesforce letting me know that I hadn’t quite understood the rules of the Salesforce1Selfie competition. Turns out they’re giving away free passes to Dreamforce for the best screenshot (aka selfie) of your Salesforce1 mobile app. Apparently they weren’t looking for a bunch of goofy pictures of me and the Boston Salesforce gurus. Bummer! Here’s the note:


Just when I was starting to enjoy this Salesforce selfie thing…

I must admit that I am a big Salesforce1 fan. In fact, I now use Salesforce more on my smartphone than I do on my desktop thanks to Salesforce1. So get tweeting and get to Dreamforce 2014!

In the meantime, I couldn’t help putting one more Salesforce selfie out there with the Boston crowd. Guess it’s more SaaSy-selfie than a Salesforce1Selfie (and it’s definitely no Big Papi and Obama selfie). Good times in Boston either way. Thanks Salesforce for another great event!

Saasy Selfie

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