Introducing the SnapLogic September 2023 Release!

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David Liu

The September 2023 release of the SnapLogic platform is here! This release improves ease of use with additions to the new Admin Manager, supports new use cases with new endpoints in AutoSync, improves our API Management solution with a new policy and improved user experience, and creates enhanced best-in-class generative integration experience with SnapGPT improvements. Here is a closer look at the highlights from the September Release:

Improved ease of use with the new Admin Manager

In addition to the ability to manage users and groups that were introduced in August, the new Admin Manager now makes it easy to manage Snap Packs. Administrators can select the default version for every Snap Pack. They can also override the version of a specific Snap Pack based on their organizational needs. You can also click into a Snap Pack to view the list of available Snaps.

Screenshot of New Admin Manager for Snap Pack management
Figure 1: New Admin Manager for Snap Pack management
Screenshot of Snap Pack details in the new Admin Manager
Figure 2: Snap Pack details in the new Admin Manager

General availability of the EMEA control plane

A new control plane is now generally available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). It is located in AWS eu-west-1 (Ireland). When you create a new Snaplex, you can now specify the North America or EMEA control plane for that plex. If you have existing Plexes in EMEA, you can migrate your existing pipeline assets manually to a new Plex to take advantage of the EMEA control plane. 

SnapGPT enhancements for an improved generative integration experience

SnapLogic continues to extend its lead in the generative integration capability over the competition. You can now use SnapGPT to generate expressions for complex transformations with SnapLogic’s Mapper Snap. This feature leverages a catalog of expressions provided by our own professional services team. The catalog is then combined with the input schema and the natural language prompt to come up with the right suggestion for your specific use case. 

SnapGPT with the September release also adds accurate SQL or SOQL queries in Snaps that have the query text box. Business users can thus leverage this capability to fetch or manipulate data in databases or datawarehouses or get data easily from their Salesforce CRM system.

Screenshot of SOQL query generated by SnapGPT that fetches Opportunity data from the last quarter from Salesforce and groups it by Country and stage.
Figure 3: SOQL query generated by SnapGPT that fetches Opportunity data from the last quarter from Salesforce and groups it by Country and stage.

New use cases and endpoints in AutoSync

With the August Release, we started adding Cloud Data Warehouses (CDW) as sources so that you can easily build workflows to migrate data from one CDW to another. With the September release, we are adding Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse Analytics CDW as sources to simplify migration. Additionally, we have added Zendesk as a source endpoint so that you can accelerate insights into your support data.

Improved CI/CD & new API policies

We have a new time-saving CI/CD update for the SnapLogic API Management solution. You can now migrate all your proxy APIs (built outside of SnapLogic) easily with our new “Migrate Proxy” public API. Instead of manually migrating proxies and their associated endpoints & applied policies one by one, you can now do it in a snap with an API.

We are adding a new HTTP redirect policy. This policy can be used to improve the security of your APIs. For example, when a user pings your secured API, the policy can be used to a login page to check the user’s credentials before receiving a response. You can also reduce broken links by adding this policy to an API where the client needs to be redirected to a new URL.

With this release, enjoy improved UI, control, and documentation capabilities on the Developer Portal. You will now be able to add a list of applications on your application page. You can also easily view & edit your applications with a pop-out window on the right side of the screen. 

Screenshot of Developer Portal Application Details popout
Figure 4: Developer Portal Application Details pop-out

Additionally, for API proxies you can now link to external documentation web pages that describe your API.

To learn more about the September Release, please check out the release notes or contact the customer success team.

Dhananjay Bapat headshot
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
David Liu
Senior Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
September 2023 product release

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