Snaplogic and SAP: The Perfect Match For End-to-end Spend Business Flows

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When SAP, the world’s most preeminent enterprise software company, required an easy to use, but powerful, integration platform partner to enable end-to-end spend data flows, including flows with non-SAP applications, who did they select? SnapLogic. 

A great amount of team effort between the two companies came together, culminating in our joint announcement last week that SnapLogic’s Procurement Automation solution for SAP Ariba is now available on SAP App Center. 

For technical and non-technical users

The new SnapLogic Procurement Automation solution tightly integrates with SAP Ariba, enabling organizations to easily create and deploy end-to-end, automated procurement processes that move spend data in and out of Ariba.

The collaboration is welcome news for SAP Ariba users orchestrating integrations between SAP applications such as SAP Concur and SAP Fieldglass and between non-SAP procurement applications such as Coupa. For deeper insights and analytics, SnapLogic also enables SAP Ariba data flow journeys to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud. 

SnapLogic offers over 500 pre-built connectors that save you time and tremendous effort. Known for our AI-driven, drag-and-snap visual pipeline designer, and for our fast application and data integrations, SnapLogic delivers power for technical SAP developers and ease-of-use for non-technical SAP business users. Tools are available to allow developers to customize pipelines and integrations. While our Iris AI engine provides recommendations that provide guidance for non-developers. 

Expand the reach of SAP Ariba spend data

Because SnapLogic spans between on-premises and cloud environments, you can easily expand the reach and utility of SAP Ariba spend data, without incurring painful and costly disruptions.

By adding SnapLogic to your SAP data and application fabric, you can better protect your investments, optimize procurement operations, and create smooth paths to your other best-of-breed applications and solutions. 

Learn more

Join us on Thursday, June 18, for our webinar, “Simplify Spend Management Business Flows with SAP and SnapLogic.” I will be joined by Aaron Graber, VP of product strategy at SAP, and by Rich Dill, our SAP partnership subject matter expert and enterprise solution architect. The webinar will feature a demonstration. To learn more and register, click here.

We look forward to engaging with you on the webinar. At any time, build integrations with our free trial or schedule a custom demo.

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