A Customer’s Perspective – Jonathan Howes, Sony Head of HRES Product Management

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Meet SnapLogic product experts at Gartner Applications and Strategies Summit, Dec 3-5 in Las Vegas, Booth 417 and attend Jonathan Howe’s presentation Tuesday, December 3, from 2:00 to 2:20 PM in the presentation theater at Caesars Palace. 

From Gartner, “As an application leader, you’re the guiding hand between competing needs and priorities. You must balance innovation with modernization, speed with security, and the expansion of projects run by the business versus IT with its traditional methodologies.

You need insight into fast-moving technology trends and practical know-how across a wide span of technology capabilities. We can help. Join us in Vegas to gather the information you need to envision the future and build the flexible, agile, scalable architectures and applications to get there.”

Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit.

During the event, Jonathan Howes will share his team’s strategy and discuss how digital transformation is a key focus for Sony’s global HR organization, as well as their approach towards a global Workday deployment initiative.

Driving meaningful change is challenging, especially since there are over 90 diverse businesses and 110,000+ employees globally under the Sony Corporation umbrella.

Many of these subsidiaries have their own unique HRIS infrastructure and legacy systems, so having a strong cloud strategy allows the HRES team flexibility to deliver real solutions with speed, agility, and operational stability. 

Recognizing the value of the Workday ecosystem, Sony wanted to convert the company’s legacy HR systems in order to achieve better business insight  But Workday integrations are non-trivial, especially for a globally diverse company – so Sony looked to SnapLogic to help streamline their complex integration efforts.

Join Jonathan as he shares how his team was able to transform Sony’s corporate vision into tangible business results for global HR, and how SnapLogic plays a critical part in their integration and implementation strategy.

About Jonathan Howes:

Jonathan Howes is Head of HRES Product Management for Sony’s Global HR Operations. Owning the strategic roadmap and operational delivery for Sony’s global HR platforms, he obsesses with how to turn corporate vision into practical reality. A key focus for his organization is learning to continuously leverage innovations of cloud-based platforms to adapt and evolve new HR services. Balancing stability, usability and compliance while driving for ongoing innovation is an everyday challenge. Aligning the vision with a pragmatic strategic roadmap built on strong vendor partnerships is key. 

Jonathan’s presentation will be on Tuesday, December 3, from 2:00 to 2:20 PM in the primary showroom at the Gartner Applications and Strategies Summit, Caesers Palace

Don’t forget, if you’re attending Gartner Applications and Strategies Summit visit SnapLogic at booth #417!

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