The SnapLogic Community turns one!

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I am proud to say that the SnapLogic Community turns one this month, and would like extend a big thank you to our SnapLogic Community members for making the SnapLogic Community a success.

The SnapLogic Community is a place where customers and partners alike ask product questions, share best practices and ideas, request new product enhancements, or ask for product support.

Since our launch in March 2017, an increasing number of customers and partners have joined our community, which is now over 930 active members strong. We have more than 700 threads across multiple topics and over 2,400 responses in those threads, which translates to at least one new topic and six responses per day.

Snapshot: New members added to the SnapLogic Community within the last year

Our customers and partners are integral to the success of the SnapLogic Community – sharing their ways of using SnapLogic. In this way, the SnapLogic Community has made it possible for us to provide additional support for customers who may be new or even advanced SnapLogic users.

So, what are the four key topics that customers are talking about?

Caption: Designing pipelines is the most engaged topic in the Community

  1. Designing pipelines – As the core of the integration, members share use cases and learn how to design, map, manage, and reuse pipelines without having to reinvent or create pipelines from scratch.
  2. Snap Packs With so many Snaps available, our Snap Pack topics help those looking how to best utilize and configure Snaps when they build pipelines.
  3. Monitoring pipelines and plexes – A great source for customers to easily learn how to monitor and optimize the performance of their pipelines and ground or cloudplexes.
  4. Product enhancements – The SnapLogic Community has greatly influenced how we continue to build and provide value to our customers. We listen to our customers’ enhancement requests and aim to incorporate them into the SnapLogic platform in every product release. We look forward to hearing about how our platform can better help you with your integration needs!

In the coming months, we will add improvements to the SnapLogic Community so that our customers and partners can get more value out of the Community. The SnapLogic Community is open to all current users and partners – we hope to see more members join us this year!

Have you joined the SnapLogic Community? Visit and request access.

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