SnapLogic for Amazon Redshift launches on the AWS Marketplace

Teresa Dodson
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We’re excited to announce the listing of SnapLogic’s Intelligent iPaaS product is now available via the AWS Marketplace. To celebrate our listing, we are offering a FREE POC and a special price offer, see below for the details.  

Data is King! As an Amazon Redshift Ready partner, SnapLogic is devoted to making data migration, data warehousing, and data integration easy, intuitive, and fast. The flow and storage of the data are essential to ensure companies can make critical decisions with the right intelligence. Our key customer use cases include data integration to Redshift, S3, DynamoDB, and SQS. And, migrating up to petabytes of data into our customers’ Redshift environment.

In addition to our Amazon Redshift Ready designation, we are an Advanced Technology Company within the Amazon Partner Network, (APN) Program. This helps to ensure AWS customers are making the right decision in selecting SnapLogic for their data integration needs with Amazon Redshift.  

Why SnapLogic for Amazon Redshift? 

SnapLogic has partnered with AWS to enable IT and business teams to rapidly move volumes of data from hundreds of apps and data sources into Amazon Redshift to provide timely insights. SnapLogic offers 14 AWS Redshift Snap connectors that empower users to transfer up petabytes of data into and out of Amazon Redshift and to create and manage AWS Redshift integration pipelines via drag-and-drop and AI-assisted recommended logic. Our AI-powered integration platform improves developer productivity by 70%! 

Featured Amazon Redshift Snaps include Bulk Load, Bulk Upsert, Delete, Execute, Insert, Lookup, S3 Upsert, Table List, Unload, and Update. 

Our customers are able to execute multiple Amazon Redshift commands in a Snap, making Amazon Redshift integration pipelines easy to create and manage, increasing time to value. 

Utilizing Amazon’s Redshift Cloud Data Warehouse enables our users to bring all of the data they have into one place. By rationalizing information in a single data warehouse, businesses can get a much more holistic view of their data estate, which in turn allows them to accelerate internal processes, deliver better analytics, and ultimately save time and money.  Now, with SnapLogic availability in the AWS Marketplace, customers benefit from a simplified software procurement experience by leveraging their existing payment terms with AWS and get consolidated billing for all of their AWS services, software, and SaaS product usage. 

Getting Started with SnapLogic

Don’t miss out on our limited time offer of a free POC…. 40 hours of Professional services … and 20% off of the Integration Platform Standard Package. Contact us now [email protected] to learn more about the special offer. 

Check out our AWS Marketplace listing! 

Teresa Dodson
Former Sr. Director, Partner Marketing at SnapLogic
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