SnapLogic Success Stories: The Customer Edition

Dayle Hall
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“The customer’s perception is your reality.” – Kate Zabriskie

Recently, Gartner released their latest Voice of the Customer report for Integration Platform as a Service. The report’s ratings are submitted directly from customers, making it a user-based examination of the space. According to the report: 

  • 94% of SnapLogic iPaaS customers recommend SnapLogic
  • SnapLogic scored 4.6 out of 5, among the highest of all vendors

We were delighted by our strong customer ratings, and are proud of the success we’ve helped our customers achieve. I also wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some recent customer successes, celebrate our latest SnapLogic award winners, and look to the future.

Customer success spotlight

Sedex: ethical supply chain software

When the London-based ethical supply chain software company had outgrown some of its most critical IT systems – databases – Sedex needed to switch to a new IT system with minimum fuss or disruption. Sedex chose SnapLogic as the integration platform to keep everything connected during this project. Key business results include: 

  • Engineers have the insight to trust where data has originated
  • Low-code / no-code architecture reduces complexity for users
  • Modernized IT ecosystem

Read more about Sedex here: “Sedex Ethical Supply Chain Software Delivers IT Overhaul and Data Migration With SnapLogic iPaaS” 

Hush: fashion retailer 

A fashion retailer based in the United Kingdom, Hush wanted an application and data integration tool that would allow them to swiftly extract data from business systems and load it to a data warehouse. They picked SnapLogic for its IT integration software because it could “do simple things quickly” and handle complex tasks. Key business results include:

  • Faster data retrieval and data sharing from one place
  • Staff are no longer required to spend time manually processing data
  • Up-to-date information for consumers and investors

Read more about Hush here: “Fashion Retailer Hush Keeps On Trend With SnapLogic’s Data Integration Platform

Reece: bathroom and plumbing supplier

A bathroom and plumbing supplier based in Victoria, Australia, Reece outgrew its singular source for all IT needs and needed an integration platform to transition to best-of-breed software. Key business results included:

  • 2x faster implementation than a DIY build
  • Six-month time to value
  • A 50% reduction of the integration team needed 

Read more about Reece here: “Reece’s Journey to Modernization is Paved With SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration

Customer award winners 2023

Last year, SnapLogic launched a quest to identify and recognize organizations that are making a difference in enterprise automation. With our inaugural Enterprise Automation Awards, we scoured the globe and offered customers and partners the opportunity to shine and tell their stories. This year’s winners’ roster includes:

  • Enterprise Automation Award: Hampshire Trust Bank
  • Application Innovation Award: The WD-40 Company
  • Data Innovation Award: Aramark Uniform Services
  • Business Impact Award: Abano Healthcare NZ
  • Partner Innovation Award: Infosys

More here about how the winners were nominated, judged, and selected for the SnapLogic Enterprise Automation Awards. 

New customer spotlight

And be on the lookout for great things from new customers we’ve announced this year, including:

The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House has chosen SnapLogic’s AI-powered integration solution to create a seamless customer experience when purchasing tickets. The SnapLogic platform will support integration from ticketing software Tessitura to the payments platform PCI Pal, so bookings and payments can be accepted and managed securely.


Stemly, a leading decision intelligence provider, has adopted SnapLogic to strengthen its machine learning (ML) capabilities. With SnapLogic’s intuitive no/low-code platform, Stemly has the data it needs in real-time to serve customers better and faster than ever before.

A word of thanks

Thanks again to our loyal and engaged customers and our extensive network of evangelists. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we are excited to share the journey to the next frontier in digital integration and transformation. 

Read more about SnapLogic’s latest recognition for high customer satisfaction.

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SnapLogic Success Stories: The Customer Edition

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