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It’s no secret the ability to quickly turn data into meaningful insights and actions is paramount to business success. From optimizing the customer experience to delivering timely and relevant products, to minimizing risk and fraud, the rewards of becoming a data-driven organization are limitless.

To reap these benefits, progressive enterprises are investing in a modern analytics stack including an integration platform, data warehouse, and analytics tool that is intuitive and easy to use, powerful and scalable, and built for the cloud. Customers across a wide range of industries such as The Kraft Group, Mode Analytics, and Pitney Bowes are using SnapLogic to move data from hundreds of applications and data sources into cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, where the data then gets pushed out to analytics tools like Tableau or Looker for rapid analysis and decision-making.

These organizations recognize that point-to-point and legacy integration solutions are dead ends. Lightweight integration tools are limited, inflexible, and not scalable while the code-heavy solutions of the past are hard to use, too slow, and not built for today’s fast-moving business demands. Instead, businesses want a simple, intuitive, low-code platform that is also powerful, scalable, and enterprise-grade so they can solve all their integration challenges quickly with a single, unified solution. Enter the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform one solution, for all your integrations, to support all your cloud data warehousing and modern analytics initiatives.

To help organizations construct a modern analytics stack and accelerate their data-driven ambitions, SnapLogic will be sponsoring the inaugural Snowflake Summit 2019 in San Francisco from June 3-6. Throughout the three-day conference, SnapLogic will join hundreds of other organizations to network, collaborate, and share best practices around data and analytics.

Where you can find SnapLogic:

  • The SnapLogic team will be at Booth #P7 all three days where we will be showcasing our vision for the modern analytics stack, demoing how the SnapLogic platform provides self-service data ingestion and transformation from any app or data source into the Snowflake Data Warehouse, and sharing use case examples and other customer best practices.
  • On Tuesday, June 4 at 11:30 a.m., joint SnapLogic-Snowflake customer Castleton Commodities International (CCI) will deliver a presentation titled “Lessons Learned Building a New Data Science Platform.” Chris Throop, Global Head of Data Science at CCI, will explain how the company crafted its data strategy, why it chose to make SnapLogic and Snowflake core elements of its data science platform, and how it successfully deployed the platform.
  • On Wednesday, June 5, SnapLogic will be sponsoring both a networking happy hour on the expo show floor in the afternoon, as well as the Summit’s closing reception to follow, the Snowball, where the SnapLogic team will be meeting with fellow attendees over great food and drinks.

We look forward to seeing you at next week’s Snowflake Summit 2019!

Former Head of Corporate Communications at SnapLogic

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