Supporting Agility and Growth at Teva Pharmaceuticals and LetsGetChecked

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During our recent European Enterprise Integration Summit, it was clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to adapt their ways of working. We heard from many enterprises who have employed integration and automation to drive agility and growth in these disruptive times, including from organizations on the front line of delivering healthcare services. 

Kfir Goldwasser, CTO, Enterprise Architect & Digital Innovation at Teva Pharmaceuticals, which produces generic medicines as well as specialty biopharmaceutical treatments, provided an overview of the organization’s integration journey during the Summit. 

During his presentation, Kfir shared how the company had grown through acquisition. As a result, this not only brought a lot more data into the business but it also meant that his team inherited a number of different integration tools – which was leaving room for confusion when those tools needed to be used to gather data for decision making. This made it essential that one integration approach and platform was to be adopted and used. 

Kfir noted: “When it came to integration, the most important consideration for us was ease of use. I have a technical background and my team has a technical background, but we want to extend to citizen integrators. We don’t need to have technical experts for that to happen so we wanted the tool to be very easy. SnapLogic met those requirements. It was also important for us to learn from the experiences of others and we can access a lot of that via the SnapLogic community.”

For LetsGetChecked, the personal health testing company has also seen significant growth in recent years which brought new data challenges. Richard Southern, Chief Analytics Officer at LetsGetChecked, explained during the healthcare panel discussion that as a result of this growth, his team had seen increasing demand for data and analytics, not only internally to help with management and reporting, but externally to support clients and potential clients that the company works with. 

Beyond its ongoing work of empowering people through the use of technology to take control of their health, the last year also saw LetsGetChecked develop a Covid-19 PCR test. Something which brought about the firm’s adoption of SnapLogic. 

Richard commented during the event: “One thing we know about working in the Covid space is that things change very quickly and all the monitoring in the world can only get you so far. A lot of logic and common sense has to be applied too. We needed an integration tool that would enable us to handle all of the different data types we work with, both structured and unstructured, seamlessly integrating all of that data so that we can have it on hand, and using good CDC logic to make sure that it gets pushed to the right destination at the right time. Ultimately we needed a tool that could transform the whole acquisition-to-insights piece, which is where SnapLogic was a good fit to help us achieve what we needed to with the Covid project.”

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