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At a recent company event, where many SnapLogic customers raved about our product, a few said that they would even pay more to keep using our platform. As you probably know, the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC) is functionally rich and can support a variety of deployment models such as the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid – and also integrate many different endpoints from databases, applications, APIs, things, to machines.

We know from experience that once people use our intuitive platform and interact with Iris AI’s Integration Assistant to connect endpoints much faster and with greater accuracy, they don’t turn back. To help others experience SnapLogic EIC’s intuitive user interface and quickly build integrations from applications and databases such as Salesforce.com CRM, Oracle database, and Tableau, we created a free trial.

We want to get SnapLogic into the hands of more IT and citizen integrators alike, and what better way than to let anyone give it a try? Many of our customers start with 1-2 integrations and in Box’s case, grow to over 40 application integrations, making 15 million transactions a day.

We encourage you to use the free trial to not only peek at the leading self-service integration product with a 97 percent customer retention rate but to build your own integration pipeline in a fraction of the time it takes on other platforms.

After all, why spend your nights and weekends coding integration pipelines while your business manager waits impatiently for results when SnapLogic can dramatically reduce the time and remove the complexity of connecting endpoints together? Take back your weekend and sign up for the SnapLogic Free Trial.

Take the SnapLogic Free Trial Challenge and send us a video of what you’ve built. If your video shows that you got an integration pipeline going in 5 minutes or less, we’ll reward you with your very own SnapLogic T-shirt. You pick the size (S, M, L), and we will send it your way. Email the Free Trial team with your video and claim your T-shirt. (You must have a registered Free Trial account to claim your T-shirt.)

To sign-up for the trial version of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud, go to snaplogic.com/free-trial.

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