Howard Dresner Webinar: Using Analytics to Drive Growth & Profitability

Effective use of analytics and improved business visibility are becoming increasingly important as companies struggle to gain actionable insights from their ever-increasing, disparate data sources. Here are just a few reasons why business intelligence practitioners must re-think traditional approaches to data access, analysis, reporting and enterprise performance management:

  • The thirst for immediate information in today’s impatient enterprise
  • The mobility of the workforce
  • Social and machine-generated big data volumes and velocity
  • The growing adoption of cloud services
  • The variety and locations of data that go well beyond traditional rows and columns and the enterprise firewall

At SnapLogic, we’ve asked whether or not ETL is Dead in the API Economy. We’ve talked about the challenges of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) as we approach the Internet of Connected Customers and Things. And we’ve spent time talking about Better Business Analytics in the Cloud.

We’re excited to be joined by business intelligence luminary Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer of Dresner Advisory Services for our next webinar on Wednesday, March 19th: How to Use Business Analytics to Drive Growth and Profitability.

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Joined by SnapLogic VP of Marketing Darren Cunningham and Tidemark President and COO Phil Wilmington, Howard will be discussing how to gain better business insights and get the most out of your enterprise investments by taking advantage of new drivers of business analytics:

  • Cloud and mobile-first design to enable agility that the enterprise demands
  • Collaboration and in-context analysis to drive value
  • Strategies to streamline your integration

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This webinar is designed to arm attendees with an action plan for achieving growth in 2014 by enhancing business analytics efforts and investments with agility, integration and cloud speed.

Register for this interactive webinar here. We look forward to the interactive discussions – come prepared with questions!

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