What is Customer 360?

November 15, 2021

Customer 360 is a concept that refers to getting a single view of customer engagement across the entire customer journey. It connects apps and data sources from customer interactions to give businesses a 360-degree customer view. It includes customer data from: customer demographics, customer relationship management (CRM), social media, eCommerce, marketing, sales, customer service, mobile apps, and any other customer touchpoints.

Businesses use Customer 360 to gain real-time customer information to optimize personalized customer experiences (CX) and workflows. By having a single source of truth, organizations can make better decisions about CX to improve customer loyalty and revenue.

Benefits of having a Customer 360

By having a complete customer view, organizations can: 

  • Improve and deliver exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint
  • Create reliable customer segments and customer profiles to improve marketing and sales initiatives
  • Streamline and connect business processes and workflows to improve efficiency and functionality
  • Reduce time and cost caused by human error in the customer journey
  • Accelerate digital transformation and automation across the enterprise

Getting a 360 view of your customer

Customer data resides in silos across your CRM system, in on-premises and SaaS applications, in databases, and within every system of record. To gain a single customer view, all of your customer data needs to be reconciled and unified through data integration. Likewise, all of the apps and platforms the business uses (marketing, sales, purchasing, finance, ERP, logistics/shipping, customer service, customer success, etc.) must be integrated. This can be done through APIs and is often done through a data platform, like an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), such as SnapLogic. An iPaaS makes data integration and application integration easy, scalable, and accessible to both tech and non-tech users.

Businesses can purchase Customer 360 platforms (such as Salesforce Customer 360 or Microsoft Dynamics 365) from providers that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline data management and ensure data quality. These platforms vary in pricing. 

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