Your Journey to Data Driven Dominance with SnapLogic

Teresa Dodson
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The convergence of data across every function, every customer, and every geography is happening at full speed. It’s those that can harness data from every source and turn it into powerful insights that will win in the data economy.  Data is the driving force of the future. You need an integration platform that can seamlessly integrate, automate, and mobilize data to any data warehouse with a simple, powerful solution.  SnapLogic is your one platform to power your cloud data warehouse. 

 Maximize Productivity

In order to maximize productivity, you need to make it easier for business and IT users to move data into the cloud data warehouse, and leverage that data across the organization for analytics, machine learning, and AI—all at enterprise scale.

SnapLogic unleashes the cloud data warehouse by mobilizing your data and automating the business processes that enable your business to quickly deliver deep data insights and decrease time to value. 

Innovate with the Top 5 cloud data warehouse ecosystems  

Only SnapLogic offers application and data integration innovation for the Top 5 Cloud Data Warehouse Ecosystems. These cloud data warehouse vendors require partners that can move data at warp speed to drive data analytics, insights, and outcomes. They choose SnapLogic because we do it all – application integration, data integration, API management, and advanced AI – in one easy to use platform. In fact, we empower more users than any other integration platform, enabling data integration at scale across the enterprise. Some of our customers have thousands of users on our Intelligent Integration Platform, including enterprise leaders like Pitney Bowes, AstraZeneca, and Adobe. 

SnapLogic has deep partnerships with the world’s largest cloud data warehouse ecosystems, unmatched by anyone:

  • AWS: 14 pre-built connectors, called Snaps, for Amazon Redshift, as well as Amazon Redshift Console Integration and Amazon Redshift Ready Certification
  • Snowflake: 12 pre-built Snap connectors for Snowflake,  ELT/ETL Snap and Premier Partner on Marketplace
  • Databricks:  ETL and ELT with Databricks Delta Lake and Visual SQL Designer for ELT 
  • Microsoft:  Pre-built connectors for Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL Database, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Blob Storage 
  • Google: Google Cloud Partner

Achieve Fast Data-driven Results

SnapLogic is the only option for end-to-end data integration across your entire enterprise.  With an advanced AI solution, called Iris AI, we can reduce data integration development time by 50%.  This enables you to achieve quicker visibility into advanced analytics and maximum value from your cloud data warehouse platform. The result: faster and better outcomes, with more immediate ROI. 

  • Data management at scale for 1000’s of users 
  • Supports millions of pipelines per day 
  • Processing up to 3 trillion documents per month 
  • AI innovation with Iris Integration Assistant 

For more information, download our new eBook: Your Best Bet for the Future of the Cloud Data Warehouse is SnapLogic

Teresa Dodson
Former Sr. Director, Partner Marketing at SnapLogic
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