MindTouch and SnapLogic

MindTouch and SnapLogic

Unveil the World’s Most Affordable Enterprise Application Integration Solution:* New sub-$5,000 open source solution brings Enterprise Integration to the mid-market

  • Solution is designed to help companies more easily and affordably track key performance indicators to run their businesses better in 2010

SAN DIEGO – Dec 15, 2009 – MindTouch and SnapLogic, today announced a jointly developed solution that addresses two of the most significant barriers to entry – cost and complexity – for mid-market companies looking to integrate dispersed and disparate applications across today’s high velocity, Internet driven infrastructures.

The solution comes at a time when companies are seeking every possible way to not only reduce operating costs, but, more importantly, to monitor and act on the key performance indicators that drive their business. The new Business Application Integration solution is priced at $4,995 through the end of December 2009, a massive reduction from the six figure costs of traditional enterprise business intelligence and integration solutions, and can be deployed in minutes instead of the months required by other solutions.

“While traditional middleware can help companies glue applications and systems together, it fails at adding value to the data that it is designed to connect,” said Aaron Fulkerson, founder and CEO, MindTouch. “SnapLogic with its upcoming SnapStore acts like a universal adapter to business applications, allowing business for the first time to have accurate reporting on key performance indicators. Our goal is to help customers run their businesses better in 2010.”

Traditional enterprise integration (EAI, ETL, EII, ELT etc. etc.) solutions cost a fortune in licensing, cost a fortune to deploy, and require hordes of developers and specialists to maintain. The jointly developed new Enterprise Integration solutions (EI) requires no development resources; companies can be up and running in a day.

“A company runs on metrics just as surely as an army marches on its stomach,” said Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman and CEO, SnapLogic, “We’re excited to partner with MindTouch to give every business accurate, integrated information to make 2010 a better year for them for a fraction of the time and money they would spend deploying a solution with legacy, pre-internet products.”

In a blog post, Angela Hung Byers, a Fellow with the McKinsey Technology Initiative currently conducting research on the impact of information technologies on business and the economy, cited a recent study of global CIOs by IBM that shows that “what keeps CIOs up at night isn’t necessarily just short-term pressure to cut IT costs.” Eighty-three percent of the study’s respondents cited intelligence and analytics as being top of mind according to Byers.

MindTouch and SnapLogic designed the system to deliver a fully integrated, open and painless solution for both the integration and presentation layers required by enterprise 2.0 customers. The integration layer is handled by SnapLogic’s DataFlow Server. The solution’s presentation layer is powered by MindTouch 2009. Both companies’ platforms are built using a similar RESTful, web-oriented architecture (WOA) for extensibility and scalability.

MindTouch-SnapLogic EI is priced at $4,995 (50 users). This discounted offer expires December 31, 2009. Please visit our solution page to learn more and request pricing.

About MindTouch

MindTouch set out to solve the problem of collaboration by making it possible for non-programmers to connect enterprise systems, databases and web-services in the context of an easy to use collaborative environment. The purpose of MindTouch is to provide wiki-like ease of collaboration between humans and machines; thereby enabling less-technology savvy people to automate reports and systems and create dashboards. For more information, please visit http://www.mindtouch.com.

About SnapLogic

SnapLogic advances the data integration market with its innovative DataFlow platform, open architecture, and simple subscription business model. The DataFlow platform connects to almost any SaaS, cloud, or Web computing application via open connectors and data pipelines, providing information as a utility to business users and applications. SnapLogic was founded in 2006 by data integration pioneers and is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, please visit  www.snaplogic.com or call (650) 525-3540.

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