SnapLogic 2.0 Data Integration Framework Now Available, Enables ‘Really Simple Integration

SnapLogic 2.0 Data Integration Framework Now Available, Enables ‘Really Simple Integration

Open Source Solution Powers Secure Data Distribution, Enterprise Mashups, RIAs; Professional Edition, Technical Support Subscriptions Now Available

SAN FRANCISCO, O’REILLY WEB 2.0 EXPO – Apr 23, 2008 – Today at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Conference, SnapLogic, Inc., the Really Simple Integration company, announced SnapLogic 2.0, the latest version of its open source data integration framework. SnapLogic offers two editions of the software: SnapLogic Community Edition 2.0, which is available free of charge and licensed under the GPLv2, and SnapLogic Professional Edition 2.0, which is available under a commercial license. The Professional Edition is available as part of two newly available software subscriptions. The Developer Subscription includes 6 licenses, technical support, and training for 3 developers for $9,000/year. The Enterprise Subscription includes 25 licenses and technical support start at $25,000/year. The software enables enterprises to securely distribute core IT data to business users and to create enterprise mashups and rich Internet applications (RIAs) from a wide variety of data sources. More information about the SnapLogic data integration framework is available at

Really Simple Integration

SnapLogic 2.0 enables “Really Simple Integration,” a new approach to data integration that leverages RESTful Web technology to provide agile data integration solutions for business IT groups. Really Simple Integration enables enterprises to quickly and easily make data from databases, SaaS applications, SOA Web services, and other common data sources readily available for use by business analysts and other business users. In the Really Simple Integration paradigm, knowledge workers use familiar tools, including Web browsers, Google, and Excel, to discover, consume, transform, and publish enterprise data, creating a virtuous cycle of self-service data access and distribution.

SnapLogic Data Integration Framework

The SnapLogic data integration framework consists of a SnapLogic Server and SnapLogic Components, which perform access and transformation functions such as reading and processing data from databases, enterprise applications, XML documents, files and even web pages. SnapLogic Components are configured into SnapLogic Resources, which are linked together to form SnapLogic Pipelines. Each SnapLogic Pipeline performs a data integration task, such as reading data from a data warehouse, reformatting it, and writing it to a database. A growing collection of free SnapLogic Components and Pipelines is available at

“Much of the industry discussion about enterprise mashups, rich Internet applications (RIAs), and related topics has focused on presentation technologies,” said Chris Marino, chief executive officer, SnapLogic. “SnapLogic powers these applications by enabling knowledge workers to locate, manipulate, and share critical enterprise data so that it may be presented.”

New in Version 2.0

SnapLogic 2.0 Community Edition is a thoroughly re-architected and optimized version of the SnapLogic data integration framework. New features in the latest version include:

  • A high-performance SnapLogic Server, which runs on Windows or Linux
  • Indexable metadata, enabling distributed SnapLogic Resources and Pipelines to be discovered through search engines, including Google and behind-the-firewall enterprise search tools
  • An HTML page reader SnapLogic Component, making it easy to pull Web content into data integrations
  • Support for SnapLogic Components written in Java and Python, making SnapLogic accessible to new communities of developers
  • Command-line-selectable output formats, including HTML, XML, and JSON
  • An updated version of SnapLogic Designer, a browser-based, drag-and-drop tool for designing, inspecting, and running SnapLogic Pipelines

Professional Edition

SnapLogic Professional Edition is a commercially licensed, enterprise-class version of the SnapLogic data integration framework that includes all the features and functionality of SnapLogic Community Edition. SnapLogic Professional Edition is offered in an Enterprise Subscription bundle and a Developer Subscription bundle. The SnapLogic Enterprise Subscription includes 25 licenses and either a Silver, Gold, or Platinum technical support plan. Enterprise Subscription prices start at $25,000/year. The SnapLogic Developer Subscription includes six licenses, a Silver technical support plan, and three-day FastPath Training for two developers, and is priced at $9,000/year. More information about the subscriptions is available at

About SnapLogic

SnapLogic brings Really Simple Integration to the enterprise. The SnapLogic data integration framework is an open source solution to the challenges of rapid, reusable data integration at the enterprise edge, powering enterprise mashups, RIAs, and other data-driven tools for knowledge workers. SnapLogic was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, please visit or call (650) 655-7200.

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