SnapLogic Announces SugarCRM Solution Pack

SnapLogic Announces SugarCRM Solution Pack

Enables Rapid and Easy Integration of SugarCRM with Other SaaS Applications, Enterprise Applications, Web Sites, and Other Data

PORTLAND, Ore., O’REILLY OPEN SOURCE CONVENTION – Jul 23, 2008 – SnapLogic, Inc., the Really Simple Integration company, today announced the SugarCRM Solution Pack, an extension to the SnapLogic open source data integration framework. SnapLogic enables enterprises to integrate data on both sides of the enterprise firewall and to create custom integration solutions, including application integrations, enterprise mashups, and rich Internet applications (RIAs). The SugarCRM Solution Pack enables rapid and easy integration of SugarCRM with other SaaS applications, behind-the-firewall enterprise applications, Web sites, and other data sources. The Solution Pack supports both standard SugarCRM deployments, as well as Sugar On-Demand implementations. SnapLogic also announced that it has joined SugarCRM’s SugarExchange program. The SnapLogic SugarCRM Solution Pack will be available as a free download from on August 4. It will also be available from the SugarExchange at in August.

The SugarCRM Solution Pack includes a complete set of SnapLogic Resources for reading, writing, and updating every SugarCRM module, including Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Campaigns. Integration pipelines can be created within minutes of installing SnapLogic, even if SugarCRM’s standard objects have been modified. Uses of the SugarCRM Solution Pack include:

  • Integrating SugarCRM account records with in-house accounting systems and other enterprise applications
  • Migrating customer records from internal CRM systems to Sugar On-Demand
  • Creating custom data feeds that enable authorized users to import SugarCRM data securely into desktop applications, such as Excel

“SnapLogic’s SugarCRM Solution Pack enables users to integrate SugarCRM easier than ever before,” said Paul Oh, vice president of technology alliances, SugarCRM. “Customers can use the Solution Pack to quickly integrate SugarCRM with other business-critical applications, ensuring that all parts of an organization have prompt access to consistent customer and product data. We’re pleased to welcome SnapLogic to the SugarExchange.”

“SnapLogic uniquely provides enterprises the ability to seamlessly integrate data on both sides of the enterprise firewall and the flexibility to run their integrations and data transformations behind the firewall or in the cloud,” said Chris Marino, chief executive officer, SnapLogic. “The SugarCRM Solution Pack provides SugarCRM and Sugar On-Demand customers all the building blocks they need to easily, securely, and rapidly harness, transform, mashup, and deliver their enterprise data.”

Really Simple Integration

SnapLogic enables “Really Simple Integration,” a new approach to data integration that leverages RESTful Web technology to provide agile data integration solutions for business IT groups. Really Simple Integration enables enterprises to quickly and easily make data from databases, SaaS applications, SOA Web services, and other common data sources readily available for use by business analysts and other business users. In the Really Simple Integration paradigm, knowledge workers use familiar tools, including Web browsers, Google, and Excel, to discover, consume, transform, and publish enterprise data, creating a virtuous cycle of self-service data access and distribution.

Versions and Pricing

The SugarCRM Solution Pack is licensed under the GPL v2 and is available at no charge. It supports SnapLogic Community Edition and SnapLogic Professional Edition, which are each available for Windows, Linux, VMware, and Amazon EC2.

About SnapLogic

SnapLogic brings Really Simple Integration to the enterprise. The SnapLogic data integration framework is an open source solution to the challenges of rapid, reusable data integration at the enterprise edge, powering enterprise mashups, RIAs, and other data-driven tools for knowledge workers. SnapLogic was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, please visit or call (650) 655-7200.

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