SnapLogic Harnesses AI to Automatically Build End-to-End Integrations in Minutes

November 2019 release of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform also includes new Kubernetes support and improved connectivity with Salesforce, Coupa, and Delta Lake by Databricks

SAN MATEO, Calif. — November 13, 2019 — SnapLogic, provider of the #1 Intelligent Integration Platform, today introduced a new breakthrough AI capability to help citizen and expert integrators complete integrations faster and more easily, boosting user productivity and enabling IT and development teams to focus on more strategic, high value tasks. The new industry-first feature, called Pipeline Synthesis, leverages SnapLogic’s machine learning-based engine, Iris AI, to infer user intent and organizational insight to instantly build and suggest new, complete, end-to-end integration pipelines to quickly solve an integration task at hand. In addition to the new Pipeline Synthesis feature, the November 2019 release of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform also includes additional Iris AI enhancements, new Kubernetes support, and enhanced connectivity with Salesforce, Coupa, and Delta Lake by Databricks.

In 2017, Iris AI was first to employ machine learning to suggest the next step in building a data pipeline. Earlier this year, Iris began suggesting already completed pipelines residing within the user’s organization and vetted pipeline patterns from the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog for the user’s consideration. Now, with the new Pipeline Synthesis feature, the user only needs to identify the endpoints they’d like to connect, and optionally any other Snaps they might want to use, and Iris AI will automatically build from scratch a complete, end-to-end pipeline — from original source to desired target, including all Snaps in between. Like solving a puzzle, the user simply provides some of the known pieces and SnapLogic’s machine learning algorithms will find and suggest possible solutions to complete the puzzle. With this AI-assisted head start, integrators can then refine and configure the pipeline as needed to ensure it is enterprise-grade and production-ready.

Take, for example, a citizen integrator who wants to build an integration pipeline to support a quote-to-cash process but has little experience doing so. The user simply drags Snaps for Salesforce and NetSuite onto SnapLogic’s Designer canvas and Pipeline Synthesis goes to work on behalf of the user. Pipeline Synthesis automatically detects Salesforce as the core application used by the company to capture newly-closed sales opportunities and NetSuite as the application used to process the subsequent invoicing, and then immediately returns a suggested pipeline with all the likely filter, mapper, and other transformation Snaps required in between. From there, the user can refine, configure, and customize as needed. By automating much of the integration pipeline development, novice and citizen integrators can be productive in minutes with SnapLogic, and integration specialists can focus on applying their creativity and expertise to make their pipelines best-in-class.

“From the beginning, our objective with Iris AI has been to automate many of the routine, predictable steps in building integration pipelines in order to improve user productivity and speed time and value,” said Greg Benson, Chief Scientist at SnapLogic. “The more Iris learns about the user and their organization, the smarter it becomes and the more it is able to simplify and accelerate integration projects. Out of the gate, Pipeline Synthesis is already a big step forward for our customers, helping them get to meaningful results that much more quickly. As we develop it further, incorporation of natural language processing and automatic configuration will greatly reduce the amount of refinement needed to generate production-ready pipelines.”

Latest Platform Release Boosts Productivity, Connectivity, and Performance

New and enhanced capabilities in the November 2019 release of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform advance usability, connectivity, and performance for customers. Notable updates include:

  • Iris AI Updates: An enhanced Mapper AutoLink function simplifies source-to-target mappings and provides relevance scoring highlighting the accuracy of mappings, improving productivity for less technical users. In addition, the November 2019 release includes improved algorithms to support the development of pipelines with multiple endpoints.
  • Kubernetes Support: Customers can now integrate the deployment of Snaplexes in their Kubernetes-based DevOps processes allowing Snaplexes to be spun up as needed to manage their infrastructure.
  • Automated Regression Testing: Organizations can now designate critical pipelines to be part of automated regression testing. Users will get a report on pipeline behavior before and after a new SnapLogic platform release, giving them the assurances they need to upgrade with ease and confidence.
  • SnapLogic eXtreme Enhancements: This release adds support for Delta Lake, the open source storage layer created by Databricks, to help data engineers build high quality, reliable data lakes for improved analytics. For more on this development, read the recent press release.
  • API Management Updates: New capabilities to modify API proxies and customize the API developer portal drive productivity gains for API Managers.
  • Snap Enhancements: New enhancements have been made to some of the more popular Snaps — including Salesforce, Coupa, Snowflake, and PostgreSQL — helping drive greater connectivity and value for customers.

The November 2019 release of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform is immediately available to all customers. To learn more, read the blog.

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