SnapLogic’s SnapStore Now Open for Business

SnapLogic’s SnapStore Now Open for Business

In Another Industry First, SnapLogic Transforms Data Integration with Breakthrough SnapStore Business Model

SAN FRANCISCO, SUGARCON – Apr 13, 2010 – SnapLogic, the DataFlow company, announced today that the SnapStore, its online marketplace for connectors, data flows, and data transformations (“Snaps”) that enable rapid and easy solutions to data integration challenges using the SnapLogic DataFlow Server, has concluded its private beta and is now open to all customers. The opening of the SnapStore radically transforms the data integration market, which had been previously characterized by high prices, brittle hand code in legacy products, and slow project completion times. The new DataFlow paradigm takes a “clean sheet,” Web-based approach to products, ecosystems, and distribution, providing nimble, affordable data integration solutions that are robust and scalable enough for mission-critical applications.


SnapStore Key Facts:

Rich Collection of Snaps Available Now

A Snap can be created for any application or data source, whether it’s an on-premise enterprise application or database, a SaaS or Cloud application, or a social media network.  More than 40 Snaps, created by SnapLogic and by third-party developers and SIs, are available in the SnapStore. As examples, Snaps for integrating data from SugarCRM,,, QuickBooks, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Workday, Twitter, and many more applications are available now.

Snaps Work on Top of the SnapLogic DataFlow Platform

The SnapLogic DataFlow Server is an open, scalable, and extensible data integration platform that serves data like a Web server serves Web pages. It provides organizations of all sizes with the most complete, flexible, and cost-effective solution for Cloud data integration. The SnapLogic DataFlow platform can be used to read from and write to any data source, easily integrating data from SaaS applications, the Web, databases, files, and on-premise applications.

Support for a Full, Flexible Application Lifecycle Management

The SnapLogic platform may be deployed on public or private clouds or even on the desktop, providing unparalleled flexibility and cost savings. For example, an integration may be developed on the desktop, tested in a commodity cloud environment, and deployed in a cloud suitable for mission-critical applications.

Snaps Built by Third-Party Experts, Certified by SnapLogic

The SnapStore model enables developers with expertise in integrating particular applications to encapsulate and monetize their expertise in the form of custom Snaps. These Snaps are then certified by SnapLogic and offered for sale in the SnapStore. Snap developers receive 70% of the proceeds from the sale of Snaps, without having to pay an annual listing fee.

SnapLogic Supports Private Snap Developers

Developers are not required to make their custom Snaps available in the SnapStore.  SnapLogic provides the same support to developers of Snaps that choose to use their custom Snaps only in-house.

New “Request for Snap” Process

Customers can use the SnapStore’s “Request for Snap” (“RFS”) process to request custom Snaps from developers, creating a true data integration marketplace.

“We’ve opened the SnapStore with a critical mass of available Snaps—we have connectors for more than 40 SaaS and enterprise applications—that is already driving an important network effect,” said Gaurav Dhillon, chief executive officer, SnapLogic. “Snaps can build off each other—for example, the PeopleSoft Snap uses the Snap to store configuration data in the Cloud—and the more Snaps that are built, the more useful and valuable the SnapLogic ecosystem becomes to customers and the greater the commercial opportunity becomes for Snap developers.”

Strategic Alliance with SugarCRM

Separately, SnapLogic also announced today that the company has forged a strategic alliance with SugarCRM, the world’s leading provider of open source customer relationship management (CRM) software. The press release announcing the partnership is available at

Platinum Sponsor of SugarCon 2010

SnapLogic is a Platinum sponsor of SugarCon 2010 and will be exhibiting at booth #100. Demonstrations of the SnapLogic DataFlow Server and the newly live SnapStore are available at the booth.

About SnapLogic

SnapLogic is a visionary Cloud integration company that is transforming the integration market with its innovative, open, and extensible DataFlow architecture and straightforward subscription model. The company’s DataFlow platform connects to almost any SaaS, Cloud, Web, or enterprise application or data source via Snap connectors and data pipelines, providing information as a utility to business users and applications. SnapLogic’s online marketplace, SnapStore, allows developers, SIs, and ISVs to develop and monetize custom Snaps, extending the platform’s connectivity and functionality. SnapLogic was founded in 2006 by data integration pioneers and is funded by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz. For more information, please visit or call (650) 525-3540.

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