SnapLogic – Speeds Time to Insight by Rapidly Integrating Birst BI for Social Media Analytics

SnapLogic – Speeds Time to Insight by Rapidly Integrating Birst BI for Social Media Analytics

Intuitive Application Connector Improves Fact-Based Decision Making By Combining Social Media, Web Analytics and Sales Data

San Mateo, Calif. – Oct 26, 2011 – SnapLogic , the cloud connection company, today announced a powerful integration tool for Birst’s cloud business intelligence suite. With nearly 40 percent of all companies prioritizing business intelligence application connections for the coming year1, SnapLogic recently released the Birst Snap to its SnapStore. This connector, which was featured in SnapLogic’s Solutions Gallery at the Dreamforce conference last month, enables businesses to easily integrate Birst’s innovative BI suite with other cloud-based and on-premise business applications for advanced analytics and fact-based decision making.

“Companies turn to Birst to quickly and easily harvest valuable insights from their business data, however all too often they underestimate the critical step of connecting multiple applications together,” said Clark Newby, senior vice president of marketing and alliances at SnapLogic. “This powerful collaboration between SnapLogic and Birst will help our customers gain better business insight by easily snapping together all their applications using a modern connection architecture that’s future-proofed for any type or volume of data they’ll want to incorporate into their BI reporting.”

SnapLogic’s Snaps are reusable application-specific connectors that shield users from the complexity of integration. Because the Snaps are standardized and contain wizards that automatically inspect target applications, they can be joined together effortlessly for whatever data connections a business needs. SnapLogic’s open development environment and SnapStore make it easy for partners like Birst and its customers to create, buy, or modify Snaps for any data source.

Birst Snap Highlights

Intuitively connects the Birst BI Suite with any finance, operations, marketing, social media, supply chain or other business application, accelerating the adoption of advanced analytics, reporting and business intelligence.

Speeds return on business intelligence investments by eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly hand-coding to integrate critical sources of business data.

Unlocks new opportunities for insight, by merging social and Web data across Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics with operational systems for visualization of social media sentiment against actual sales data from or an e-commerce site.

Supporting Quotes

“Birst is about making enterprise-class business intelligence accessible and affordable for organizations for which robust BI has been beyond reach,” said Stefan Schmitz, vice president of product marketing at Birst. “With SnapLogic, we’re making it even easier by automating the extraction and loading of data from on-premise and cloud applications quickly and affordably.”

“A true re-invention of data and application integration, SnapLogic’s model empowers system integrators like us to build and sell innovative new solutions for any imaginable connection need,” said Scot MacGillivray, co-CEO at technology services firm Cervello. “SnapLogic’s open development environment and simple, yet sophisticated re-usable integration components made it possible for us to create the social media and sales analysis for Birst in record time.”

Online Resources

  • Join the SnapLogic Webinar with Birst and Cervello at 10am PT on October 27 to learn about the ROI of social media analytics.
  • Download the Birst Snap from the SnapStore .
  • Visit the SnapLogic Blog for more on cloud integration.
  • Download a free trial of SnapLogic.

About Birst

Birst is the SaaS Business Intelligence leader. With its comprehensive Cloud BI Suite, Birst brings the benefits of analytics and fact-based decision-making to a much broader audience by making it affordable, fast, and easy to use. Birst is the winner of the Red Herring Global 100, TDWI Best Practices, and Software Standard of Excellence Web awards. Birst customers include Citrix, RBC, Securian, Key Technology, and other leading organizations. For more information, visit .

About SnapLogic

SnapLogic is the cloud connection company, intuitively snapping together any business application or Web service. SnapLogic’s modern connection architecture delivers fast, smart data by integrating sources in the cloud and on the ground. SnapLogic’s cloud integration solutions were built on proven consumer Web standards that bring cloud speed, scale and ease to businesses. The company’s Snaps – standardized containers that connect any kind of data – are available for instant download in the first of its kind SnapStore . The SnapStore enables developers, system integrators, and independent software vendors to build and sell reusable application-specific connectors that simplify application integration , data integration , and SaaS integration . Based in San Mateo, CA, SnapLogic is funded by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz. Follow SnapLogic on Twitter: @SnapLogic , and visit the SnapLogic blog .


¹SnapLogic’s 2011 Applications Priorities Report

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