SnapLogic Introduces Industry’s First Self-Service Spark-Powered Data Pipelines

Winter 2016 Release Delivers Spark Data Processing Without Coding

Krishnan quoteSAN MATEO, Calif. — February 17, 2016 — SnapLogic, the industry’s first unified data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS), today introduced the Winter 2016 release of its SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform. In addition to overall usability enhancements, the Winter release further simplifies big data integration and provides greater flexibility for users to execute Spark data pipelines with the most optimal processing framework based on the job’s data volume or latency.

“Integration must run at the speed of business and it must be unified,” said Vaikom Krishnan, vice president of engineering at SnapLogic. “Whether you’re moving to the cloud or re-thinking your data architecture with Spark and Hadoop, there’s never been a better time to re-think how you’re going to tackle the age-old problem of connecting your applications and data at scale. Our Winter 2016 release continues to push the boundaries of how integration is defined and delivered in the modern enterprise.”

Spark Data Pipelines
SnapLogic continues to democratize big data with several additions to its core integration platform and Snap library. The Winter release adds the ability to translate data pipelines into the Spark data processing framework without scripting with the new Spark mode for data pipelines. Now, experts and citizen integrators alike can easily choose whether to execute a data pipeline in MapReduce, Spark or standard modes in order to ensure optimal performance.

Spark data pipelines can connect virtually any source or endpoint by using SnapLogic’s library of 400+ intelligent connectors, called Snaps. New with this release are Snaps for Parquet and ORC, columnar storage solutions designed for big data and Hadoop. These Snaps make it simple to read files from HDFS and convert the data into documents, or convert documents into the Parquet or ORC format and write to HDFS.

Big Data Integration Updates
Further enhancing SnapLogic’s self-service capabilities to support big data ingestion, preparation and delivery use cases, the Winter release adds:

  • Snappy compression — an open source high-speed compression and decompression library for big data sources
  • Support for multiple versions of Hadoop — allows SnapLogic to use native libraries on whatever Hadoop implementation customers are running, thus insulating users from changes to the underlying Hadoop distribution and ensuring that SnapLogic pipelines run uninterrupted

iPaaS for the Enterprise
The Winter 2016 release also brings enhancements to the unified data and application integration platform designed to support large enterprise implementations, including a new “queued” state for data pipeline tasks. Users can set a cluster resource threshold, such that when the threshold is reached, the pipeline task is queued until resources become available. This helps administrators schedule pipeline execution for optimal times and determine appropriate resource allocation for specific workloads.

To further support SnapLogic’s self-service functionality for non-developer users, this release also includes improvements to the cloud-based designer, including the ability to rotate Snaps from the right-click menu in order to quickly and simply alter the direction of data flow.

Expanded Library of Snaps
A core strength of the SnapLogic platform is the extensive library of prebuilt Snaps. With a Java-based SDK for custom development and core Snaps such as JDBC, JMS, SOAP and REST, SnapLogic customers can connect to cloud-based and on-premises sources and systems in a Snap. Updates to the Winter 2016 release include: AWS S3, Anaplan, Eloqua, mySQL, NetSuite, SOAP and essential data engineering transformations such as pivot and group by.

All customers have been updated to the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform Winter 2016 Release. For more information about the release, visit

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