SnapReduce Unleashes Big Data for the Enterprise, Leveraging the Power of Hadoop

SnapReduce Unleashes Big Data for the Enterprise, Leveraging the Power of Hadoop

New technology from SnapLogic powers easy connection and integration of large data sets between enterprise applications, cloud services and Hadoop

San Mateo, California – May 9, 2011 – SnapLogic , the cloud connection company, unveiled today its latest integration innovation,  SnapReduce . A result of research and development started in 2009 at  SnapLabs , this technology — called SnapReduce — is the first to enable easy connection and reliable large data integration between business applications, cloud services, social media and Hadoop.

Companies today are deluged with massive structured and unstructured data streams and repositories, yet the complexity of Hadoop’s computational model, MapReduce, and a lack of universal connectivity, has made it a challenge for most businesses to benefit from this big data. SnapReduce combines the ease of use and connectivity of SnapLogic with power and reliability of Hadoop to provide a unified platform for integrating and processing big data.

News Highlights

  • SnapReduce transforms Snaplogic data integration pipelines directly into MapReduce tasks, making Hadoop processing much more accessible and resulting in optimal Hadoop cluster utilization. Unlike other Hadoop integration solutions that rely on higher-level languages such as Pig and Hive, SnapReduce matches SnapLogic dataflow pipelines directly to equivalent MapReduce jobs resulting in more efficient data processing and pipeline monitoring on Hadoop.
  • Additionally, SnapReduce leverages SnapLogic’s new Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Snap for getting big data in and out of Hadoop. The HDFS Snap allows SnapLogic pipelines to integrate data from all of SnapLogic’s end points and provides users a common framework in which to formulate both data retrieval and data processing in Hadoop.
  • SnapReduce also works side-by-side with existing applications and tools that process data within Hadoop, such as Pig, Hive, and Flume. This allows SnapReduce to work with existing Hadoop workflows and computations.
  • SnapReduce harnesses the power, performance and reliability of Hadoop with the ease of connection provided by SnapLogic’s services oriented (REST-based) platform and language-neutral data containers – called Snaps — to enable scalable, very large data integration for cloud and on-premise business applications.
  • The first demo of SnapReduce, run on EMC’s Greenplum distribution of Hadoop, will be offered at EMC World 2011, May 9-12 in Las Vegas. SnapReduce will be commercially available in the second half of 2011.

Supporting Quotes

“Businesses hungry to mine big data using Hadoop are hitting a wall when it comes to connectivity with business applications. Current solutions for big data integration require strong parallel programming skills and are thus complex and time-consuming to create, often requiring several technologies to get and use big data with Hadoop. As companies add Cloud applications to their stable of enterprise applications, they need an easy solution for connecting to Hadoop that can reliably handle both the volume and complexity of big data.” – Gaurav Dhillon, CEO, SnapLogic.

“SnapLogic’s innovative approach to application and data integration, applying web principles rather than last century’s rigid adapter approaches, allows us to naturally unleash the power of big data for enterprise applications. SnapReduce is a vivid example of the power of SnapLogic’s approach— providing an easy on-ramp to large-scale data analysis projects carried out in Hadoop.” – Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman and CEO, SnapLogic.

“MapReduce has become the assembly language for big data processing, and SnapReduce employs sophisticated techniques to compile SnapLogic data integration pipelines into this new big data target language. Applying everything we know about the two worlds of integration and Hadoop, we built our technology to directly fit MapReduce, making the process of connectivity and large scale data integration seamless and simple.” – Greg Benson, Director, SnapLabs.

“To help customers realize the Big Data opportunity, EMC is proud to be working with an ecosystem of technology leaders who are helping to deliver the power of Hadoop. SnapLogic’s commitment and contribution to Hadoop is critical in making this burgeoning but powerful technology available to people and companies around the world, allowing them to realize the value from their vast amounts of data.” – Bill Cook, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Computing Division, EMC.

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About SnapLabs

SnapLabs is SnapLogic’s research organization tasked with identifying and solving transformational opportunities in application and data integration. The team is continually looking to extend the power of the SnapLogic’s platform, and has been the primary catalyst for numerous product breakthroughs, including server clustering and workflow optimization for enterprise integrations, predictive field linking and the development of our world-class Designer interface.

Greg Benson leads the SnapLabs team as Director of Research and he is also a Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. His research focuses on parallel and distributed systems and he has developed several distributed languages and run- time systems as well as optimized communication algorithms. Greg received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California, Davis.

About SnapLogic

At  SnapLogic , we are transforming how companies connect business applications, both on-premise and in the cloud. With SnapLogic, companies can connect any combination of applications and data sources while achieving a radical improvement in cost and performance over traditional integration solutions. SnapLogic Snaps — application-specific connectors — can be instantly downloaded from the  SnapStore , the world’s first online integration store. The SnapStore model allows developers, system integrators, and independent software vendors to build and sell purpose-built Snaps for both widely used and emerging applications.

As an independent integration company, SnapLogic reduces vendor lock-in risk by providing open extensible solutions for all software, applications and infrastructure. SnapLogic is funded by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz. SnapLogic customers are leaders who are breaking with the costly and inflexible integration approaches of the past, ranging from multi-billion dollar corporations to innovative new growth companies. Follow us on Twitter:  @SnapLogic . Visit our  blog .

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