Data Lake

A data lake is a type of large-capacity data storage system that holds “raw” (semi- and unstructured i.e., streaming, IoT, etc.) data in its native format until needed. Unlike hierarchical data storage architectures, which store structured data in folders, a data lake employs a flat architecture. The data lake releases data as needed by a program, system, etc. This on-demand system enables the data lake to process and look for massive amounts of data. 

Data lakes work with SnapLogic’s integration solution, the Enterprise Integration Cloud, and SnapLogic eXtreme, to give users a flawless, effective process. SnapLogic incorporates and provides many of the primary functions a data lake offers including the population of data to the lake, movement of data within the system, efficient data flow, and the use of metadata. SnapLogic offers all of the services that an up-to-date data lake needs to be successful in today’s world. SnapLogic helps organizations improve their data management in their data lakes, from moving large volumes of data from various data sources to processing that data in the cloud data lake.

Data lakes offer a scalable data storage solution without predetermined constraints. Data lakes alone may spur security concerns since all the data is stored together. It is not as organized as a hierarchical data warehouse. Undetected security threats may have greater impact across more data before being contained. However, the risks of data lakes are dramatically reduced SnapLogic’s integration solution, the Enterprise Integration Cloud and SnapLogic eXtreme, to give users the flexibility to dynamically manage their data on-demand, enabling the organization to be data-driven as they gain larger volumes of complex data, and gain full potential of their AI/ML algorithms. 

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