Data Warehouse Service Providers

A data warehouse is a data storage system designed specifically for query and analysis, enabling businesses to transform data into actionable insight. To solve for the growing challenges of conventional on-premises data warehousing, many organizations are moving to a cloud data warehouse model. There are four major cloud data warehouse players:

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is an Amazon Web Services product that runs complex queries against petabytes of structured data. Redshift Spectrum runs SQL queries on structured or unstructured objects stored in S3.

Google BigQuery

BigQuery is a RESTful web service that works in conjunction with Google Storage. It is used for managing and querying data and can be used from any language built with the REST API. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud computing solution is for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft’s network of data centers.


This cloud SQL data warehouse supports all types of data as well as ETL and BI tools. 

Thinking about moving your company’s data to the cloud? There is more to it than selecting a cloud data warehouse – you’ll also need tools to make your migration manageable. SnapLogic, a cloud-first integration platform as a service (iPaaS), can help you to build and rebuild your ETL processes and to populate your data warehouse. 

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