Education Analytics: A Guide To Pulling Data Insights in Higher Ed

Educational technology became invaluable at the onset of COVID-19 as 98% of universities moved their classes online. Instructors needed learning management software to monitor student performance and run their curriculums.

Education Analytics: A Guide To Pulling Data Insights in Higher Ed eBook preview

Two years later, many students are back on campus – while others have discovered they prefer online learning. To accommodate the demand for flexible options, universities are still increasingly leaning into ed tech. Ed tech is no longer just a tool for managing remote learning; it’s also a valuable source of data for education analytics. Higher education institutions must learn how to use the data from ed-tech platforms to boost student performance, identify challenges early on, and make sound budgetary decisions.

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  • What is education analytics
  • How to leverage analytics in higher education
  • Solutions that help make advanced education analytics possible

This is your guide to pulling data insights in higher education institutions and managing your University’s data with confidence.

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