A Customer’s Perspective – Workday Ecosystem Integration

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Workday has become a strategic initiative for many companies – to have a single system that encompasses HR, finance, and planning is compelling.

The value of the Workday ecosystem is clear, but, based on our conversations, customers struggle with how to easily integrate it with the myriad of applications available. Based on customer research, 30 to 50 percent of implementation resources for HR applications (on-premise to cloud) will be drained by integration and migration costs.

Workday integrations are complex and to drive them to success you need someone who has, wait for it… successful domain experience.

So this leads us to our webinar on September 26th focused on helping you improve your Workday ecosystem integration, with our customer Judy Campion, Application Architect for Longview Solutions. Or, as a former VP of engineering I worked with referred to customers as – ‘the source of unfiltered truth’.

Insight from customers, especially those who have years of experience with Workday integrations and how it impacts their customers is definitely worth their weight in gold.

Judy will be sharing her experience with SnapLogic, specifically as it relates to streamlining her integration efforts for the Workday ecosystem.  No marketing speak here, listen to a real application architect.

We’ll also be doing a live demo on SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration platform – with our intuitive visual approach, customers have cut down integration times by up to 80%, as compared to traditional coding methods.

As an Application Architect, Judy Campion streamlines complex customer integrations. She has many years of experience, mainly in the corporate process management and business intelligence areas of planning and consolidation.

She was in on the ground floor of many companies that are now part of Oracle, SAP, and Longview.

Judy has worn many hats – software development, architecture, consulting, customer support, and training. She has years of ETL experience and loves to leverage innovative technologies to solve problems. And she’s been a SnapLogic customer since 2011.

About Longview Solutions:
Longview’s powerful cloud-based suite of Connected Finance solutions delivers integrated analytics, planning, financial consolidation, and tax provisioning with unmatched agility, scalability, and flexibility.

You can register for this upcoming webinar, “3 ways to Simplify Workday integrations” here.

Former Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
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