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Most people, when you mention Adobe to them, think of PDF files and Acrobat or Lightroom and Photoshop. I certainly fall into this camp. Yet Adobe is delivering so much more than the beautiful content that finds its way to Instagram. Whether its supporting photography amateurs like myself or the innovative media that finds its way to print, digital, and TV advertising by truly talented professionals, Adobe has gone beyond its original industry-standard tools to deliver the de facto customer experience.

Today, Adobe delivers on the promise of Customer 360 so that businesses can not only deliver beautiful and compelling content, but to manage it, monitor it, measure its impact, and constantly drive greater results and value. To that end, this Spring finds a lot of activity from the good people at Adobe as they launch new capabilities around their Adobe Cloud Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud.

But to get the most out of these new capabilities from Adobe, their enterprise customers still need to provide the data to drive the analytics regardless of where the data originates. For example, sales data will need to come from the CRM system, such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and the many others that exist in the marketplace. The may also need marketing data from Marketo or Eloqua or perhaps click-stream data from services such as DoubleVerify or DataXu.

You see where I’m headed? SnapLogic provides the platform ideally matched for the Adobe Cloud Platform to deliver this necessary data to the Adobe Cloud Platform. In fact, a new Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack is previewing at Adobe Summit this week in advance of its launch in May 2018.

Adobe does have built-in integrations with companies like Mastercard, Facebook, Dun & Bradstreet, and others, but imagine SnapLogic paired with Adobe Cloud Platform. You’re an SAP shop? No problem, SnapLogic can deliver that data to Adobe Cloud Platform. Salesforce.com? Yup, we’ve got you covered. Marketo? Been there, done that. If Adobe Cloud Platform needs data, SnapLogic delivers. Our new Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack will allow customers to leverage the over 450 Snaps available to deliver data to their Adobe Cloud Platform environment. SnapLogic customers will have the ability to load data into predefined Adobe objects, such as Campaign, Customer, Opportunity, etc. or load structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data for custom analysis using Adobe’s suite of services. Once the data has been captured from virtually any source and delivered to Adobe Cloud Platform, enterprises will be that much closer to realizing the full benefits of Customer 360.

If you’re in Las Vegas this week, go check out Adobe Summit and see what’s new in the Adobe cloud. As for SnapLogic, check out the additional resources about SnapLogic’s new support for the Adobe Cloud Platform on the new Adobe Snap Pack page. 

For a quick demo, watch below.

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