Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack

The Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack connects third-party customer data to Adobe Experience Cloud.

Key Features of the Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack

Organizations that have Adobe Cloud Platform as part of their marketing technology stack can enrich customer data in their Adobe Experience Cloud using the Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack to rapidly connect applications for one single view of a customer.

With SnapLogic in place, organizations can connect additional customer information from third-party applications to Adobe Experience Cloud and gain a more contextual understanding of customers. As a result, marketers, e-commerce, and customer experience teams deliver personalized content with offers and promotions to customers at the right moment across any channel along their journey, orchestrate campaign initiatives with a deep understanding of their customers, and improve marketing campaigns to drive high return on investment

The Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack includes:

  • Read Snap – Fetches required customer data from the Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Write Snap – Inserts, creates, or updates the customer data into the Adobe Experience Cloud

Read the Adobe Cloud Platform and SnapLogic partnership press release.

For a quick demo, watch below:

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform here.

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