AI-Driven enterprise automation is the future, making businesses bionic today

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Let’s take a mental trip and place ourselves 50 years into the future.

By the year 2070, given the pace of innovation today, most surely, driverless semi-trailer trucks will transport produce and products across our national highways. Many of us will be quite comfortable commuting to and from work within driverless cars that navigate their own paths.

Your mobile phone won’t just unlock with a scan of your face. It will have the capability to scan your face and body and collect vital information about your health––just like what the Star Trek medical doctor character “Bones” uses when he scans his patients with a handheld device. It will be possible for you to send, with simple voice instructions, your health scan to your doctor for evaluation and diagnosis. Your scan will automatically move into a health system and become part of your medical records for a future doctor’s visit.

The personal computers used every day at your job in 2070 will be tens of millions of times more powerful than what you are using today. To command your computer, you will talk, point, and swipe more and type less. Again just like in Star Trek movies, the enterprise IT systems of 2070 will discover and connect themselves, automatically shuttling data around to execute tasks. You will talk to these systems or interface with a digital human with the horsepower to employ techniques and neural networks that ultimately imitate the human brain.

Electronic and electromechanical machines and devices meant to boost and enhance or even substitute parts of our physical selves are bionic processes. From physical processes made bionic, we expect to see dramatically better capabilities and dramatically enhanced performance. The stuff of movies. 

Bionic development pertains to engineering processes too. These engineering processes, when applied to organizations, have the potential for a number of dramatic business benefits. It’s easy to see from a futures perspective and it’s the inspiration behind our corporate campaign launching today with our virtual event, Automating Enterprise Business Journeys – Making Businesses Bionic. 

Today, SnapLogic delivers artificial intelligence enhanced enterprise automation that replaces manual efforts and automates complex and manual processes making business-process flows with applications and data fast and easy. Ultimately, our service boosts business performance as measured in time saved, by speed of execution, and by ease-of-use. 

As an example, Magellan Health succeeded in consolidating and automating sales data reporting and employee onboarding across multiple acquired companies. While they doubled revenue to $7.5B in three years, they maintained the same IT budget.

For Adobe, as their market capitalization grew from $34B to over $160B in five years, they recognized $105M of cost savings directly and indirectly attributed to SnapLogic. Kaplan, an educational services company, experienced a 90% improvement in the time to deliver data and insights. 

Watch our virtual event (now on-demand) and hear more business benefits from SailPoint, a tech company that provides identity management and governance for unstructured data access, and Tyler Technologies, the largest software company in the U.S. that is solely based on providing integrated software and services to the public sector.  

Enterprise automation is the future and we’re delivering it today, helping our customers to experience bionic business results. You can read more here or try SnapLogic for free.  

SnapLogic AI-enhanced enterprise automation, creating bionic business results.

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