Celebrating 5 Years of SnapLogic Community

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March 31st, 2022 is the fifth anniversary of the SnapLogic Community.

From the beginning, we believed that our Community was for you and by you. While SnapLogic employees are there to help, we want you to drive the conversation to ensure your needs are met.

We’ve watched the Community grow from 930 users in the first year to over 3000 users. We often have more customers and partners answering questions than ever before. We have a dedicated group of MVPs that continually support our members. In fact, in 2021, one MVP was second among all members in the number of days visited (316), highest in the number of hours read (20), second with the most replies (161), and highest in the number of likes received (82). The top ten metrics for any of these categories often show many of the same names and always include a good mix of customers, partners, and employees.

I thank all of you for sharing your expertise and nurturing this group.

Looking Ahead

In the coming year, we want to make some changes to bring the Community beyond a crowdsourced support system. 

Because our product line has expanded beyond the Intelligent Integration Platform, we want to reflect this in our Community. Categories will be rearranged and relabeled to clearly identify which product should be addressed within. In addition, we want to create areas that focus on certain aspects of SnapLogic.

Learn. Between documentation, the training program, this Community, videos, and more, there are many places to look for information about our products. This section of the Community will be used to pull resources together around particular products, Snaps, user personas, or other logical groupings. The Knowledge Base will be expanded to include answered questions that we have collected in the Community over the years.

Discuss. Thought leadership is important to us and we want to know what our customers think, not only about our products, but about integration and API management in general. Look for SnapLogicians across various departments to lead threaded discussions.

Participate. Whether virtual or in-person, coming together is what we like to do best. This section will help promote trainings and events, particularly our Enterprise Automation Summit, explain programs such as our Customer Awards and our MVPs, and be a place to host user groups.

Ask & Answer. Because we understand the value of our support forum, we will continue to provide this functionality. Instead of it being across the Community, we will be creating a separate category for it.

Along with this reorganization, we will be evaluating the platform we use to host our Community. While our current platform is good for Q&A, we want to be able to provide other types of content. We’ll keep you informed in the Community as this progresses.

Have you joined the SnapLogic Community? Visit community.snaplogic.com and request access.

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