Composing IT with the Wave of a Wand

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I recently had the pleasure to attend one of Gartner’s free webinars, Design Top-Rated Composable Applications to Drive Business Success, hosted by the esteemed Yefim Natis and it was pretty eye opening. Many of the themes Yefim touched on are the same or similar to what we have been seeing at SnapLogic.

Both Yefim and we are seeing IT having a tough time modernizing to prioritize business agility over traditional priorities. For decades, the IT industry has prioritized safety and security over business agility. Not until about 2018 to 2020 has this paradigm been flipped to the point where if businesses do not prioritize business agility, their entire way of business will remain stagnant and risk their market viability. An extreme case in point is how the pandemic has shown just how important agility is to a company’s strategy.

While we believe integration as the key to unlock business agility, Yefim sees integration as a key piece to the business agility puzzle. In concert with the cloud, APIs and capabilities, he sees the integrated enterprise as the foundation of creating a composable IT infrastructure that can adapt to any situation, and would allow companies to become agile businesses. 

Many companies start working in a counter clockwise direction, starting with Cloud Computing but Gartner feels this is the direction companies should follow.

Gartner feels this is so critical to a company’s success, it is predicting that by 2023, 80 percent of companies that enable Composable IT will outpace their competitors. 

Seeing as it is already 2021, this is an incredible pace of adoption for a new IT paradigm. The pace of change companies face cannot be led by IT or businesses alone, according to Yefim and we agree. Every year more of our customers are coming from line-of-business roles, or roles that blend business and IT backgrounds instead of the traditional IT or integration specialists that have dominated the integration market for the past 20 years.

Yefim is calling this trend Composable IT, where IT can build quick solutions, processes and technologies out of components like you would build a model from LEGO block. We have slightly different take in that these components will require a degree of automation to even further the speed of innovation. We have written about this trend and our vision for the solution in an ebook that I suggest you read…right after you see Yefim’s excellent webinar, which is free and available without a Gartner subscription.

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