Connect Faster: Modern Cloud and Big Data Integration Tools

Connect-Faster-Logo-2015According to our TechValidate survey in 2014, “speed and time to value are the primary business drivers for integration platform as a service (iPaaS).” That’s why our focus at SnapLogic is to ensure our customers “Connect Faster.” This means a unified and modern iPaaS that connects data, applications, APIs and Things faster. In recent conversations with SnapLogic customers, I’ve heard the following benefits of a faster cloud and big data integration platform:

  • “Using SnapLogic + AWS Redshift, we reduced our entire delivery system from manufacturing to customer – from 27 to 14 days.”
  • “We went from 60 integration use cases to 6 pipelines. Schema-less integration allowed us to run integrations with systems going through constant schema changes, without the integrations breaking.”
  • “We can do more in two hours with SnapLogic than we could in two days with traditional solutions.”
  • “Take an opportunity to understand SnapLogic’s core platform design. It will enable you to leverage the platform more fully. The fact that data coming onto the platform becomes a JSON document can dramatically change how you manage your integration project for the better.”
  • “In 1 year with an ESB, we only managed to get 5 processes running. In one SnapLogic training session, we were able to build 5 processes that were operational in 4 hours.”
  • “The chief hurdles are in people’s minds: it is not an ETL platform and not an ESB. People familiar with both need to rethink their approach.”

Here’s a summary of how SnapLogic Connect’s Faster:

Connect Data Faster

Just as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and the data lake are revolutionizing your enterprise data infrastructure, legacy extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tools are being re-imagined for modern business analytics. Able to run as a native YARN application, SnapLogic respects data gravity and delivers powerful big data integration with SnapReduce, the Hadooplex and 300+ Snaps.


SnapLopgic-Connect-Cloud-AppsConnect Cloud Applications Faster

Get more value and a faster return on cloud applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workday with low-latency Ultra Pipelines and a self-service design, administration and monitoring interface built for citizen integrators. SnapLogic goes beyond point-to-point integration tools with broad connectivity, orchestration, and a streaming data architecture that allow enterprise IT organizations to connect cloud applications faster.

SnapLogic_Connect-ThingsConnect Things Faster

With MQTT Snaps and support for other Internet of Things (IoT) protocols, SnapLogic customers can rapidly ingest messages directly into a Hadoop cluster. SnapReduce harnesses Hadoop’s scalable processing and generates complex MapReduce code behind the scenes so business analysts and data scientists can focus on what’s most important: gaining insight from their big data.

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