Don’t Fall for the API Lie

Have you fallen for the API lie? The API economy implies everything easily connects and simply needs to be governed and managed. But do the data integration pains simply go away? Find out in this Intellyx White Paper written by Jason Bloomberg.

Even with the dawn of REST and JSON services, data integration is largely “roll on your own.” Jason Bloomberg advises to look beyond API strategy management without falling for warmed-over middleware-centric integration technologies from the last decade. It’s like we always say – Don’t let you legacy integration solution be your legacy. Look for a modern, cloud-centric data and application integration platform that is horizontally scalable and microservices-based.

A quote from Jason Bloomberg:

“SnapLogic… leverages the horizontal scalability of the cloud along with the power of modern transformation technology to offer real-time data transformation suitable even for today’s web scale data streaming applications.”

Long story short: The API lie is that data integration is an easy problem to solve. This is simply not true. It is essential to leverage modern data integration for big data challenges, streaming data applications, or increasingly routine hybrid cloud integration.

You can read the white paper on Slideshare, our website, and Intellyx’s website. Jason Bloomberg has also written other whitepapers covering topics such as microservices, data integration, streaming analytics, and the citizen integrator. You can find all of them on our Slideshare account and our Resources page and read more about SnapLogic API data management strategy here and our Elastic Integration Platform here.

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