How Enterprises Can Accelerate Digital Transformation With Data Integration and Automation

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SnapLogic is a powerful tool for enterprises to integrate data between apps and systems. As enterprises begin or continue their digital transformation journeys, the need to streamline and scale integrations grows. In this blog, I discuss why a tool like SnapLogic matters to enterprises trying to modernise their technology, how it works, and how two companies are using our platform with fantastic results.

This is the first in a series of articles for leaders focused on improving organisational performance by streamlining internal systems and simplifying technology stacks.

Moving toward cloud-based architecture

More enterprises seek to build business resilience and agility by engaging in digital transformation. According to McKinsey, the strategic use of technology helps businesses build a competitive advantage, lower costs and improve customer experience.

Digital transformation looks slightly different to every organisation but it generally includes moves like shifting to cloud architecture, increasing the use of off-the-shelf  apps and leveraging generative AI. In fact, Gartner forecasts that 51% of enterprise IT spending will shift to the cloud by 2025. 

As enterprises begin to use more apps and move critical systems into the cloud, positive changes occur. Systems move faster, and work is more agile. But, new problems also arise as data is spread across multiple locations. 

It’s not uncommon for an enterprise to have data siloed across different applications, clouds, containers, data warehouses and on-premise data centres. This can actually begin to slow processes down as information is scattered across different technologies. 
Research by NTT DATA reveals only two out of five leaders say data creates value for their organisation. With the right systems, these numbers can change.

Getting more from your data

SnapLogic exists to help enterprises get more value out of their data. 

With SnapLogic, organisations can connect data across disparate apps to create powerful insights and even create new products for consumers.  

For example, with SnapLogic organisations can easily create ERP, CRM and HCM workflows and pipelines that move data to the right places, rapidly. No manual coding or months of development are needed.

The benefits of using SnapLogic

SnapLogic requires little to no coding while offering top-tier security. It’s a unified platform that addresses all composite architecture needs including application integration, data integration and API management

With SnapLogic, your enterprise can: 

  • Connect to a large ecosystem of applications like SAP, databases, mainframes, SaaS platforms, social media and more
  • Automate business processes and dramatically lower operating costs 
  • Reduce IT backlog, allowing teams to spend less time on ticketed tasks and more time on innovation
  • Build new customer-facing products and services at a faster rate

SnapLogic offers over 750 pre-built connectors to get users started. Both technical and non-technical integrators can use SnapLogic, which offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that is AI-driven to optimise continuously. Users just drag the programs they want to integrate into a workflow, and it snaps into place.

SnapLogic Designer Interface with Pipeline on Screen
SnapLogic’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to manage pipelines and workflows

Generative AI with SnapGPT

The latest in our AI-powered suite of tools, SnapGPT brings generative AI to integration by allowing users to build and access integrations with simple commands like, “Extract closed won Salesforce opportunity records and add them to Snowflake.”  

SnapGPT is the first generative AI-powered integration and automation solution available in the market. 

Using SnapGPT, users can translate business intent into a technical implementation in seconds, with just a simple conversational prompt. 

All in all, whether you are automating business processes, democratising data, building AI-enhanced workflows, or delivering digital products and services, SnapLogic enables you to simplify your technology stack and take your enterprise further.

Using the power of generative AI, we make it easy for employees across your enterprise to deliver faster insights that boost user productivity, accelerate innovation and drive business results.

SnapGPT turns intentions into integrations faster
SnapGPT activates data and application integration with a simple command

How enterprises are using SnapLogic

Different enterprises across industries are using SnapLogic to work faster and do more. 

Here’s a snapshot of how two organisations in APAC are using SnapLogic to drive growth and improvement.

Reece reduces integration work by 50% 

Reece, Australia’s leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing products, engaged in a digital transformation that saw the company move from a single core system to using multiple off-the-shelf products. 

This move improved operational efficiency across departments but not across the organisation. Reece faced the modern tech sprawl dilemma. Data was locked within the confines of each system, making it difficult — if not, impossible — to glean the insights needed to successfully move the business forward.

Using SnapLogic, Reece set up 60 integrations between all its different platforms which has improved data flow and provided powerful insights that are helping the company improve operational efficiency. 

With SnapLogic the company saw: 

  • 2x faster implementation compared to DIY builds 
  • Six-month time to value
  • 50% reduction in integration team resourcing  

Gabi Currin, Head of Business Systems at Reece says, “Our appetite for data has grown enormously as a business. And our expectations of everything being connected have also grown exponentially. The ability to share data seamlessly between different systems is a huge advantage for us.

Read the full Reece case study.

Abano Healthcare reduces operating expenditure by 50%

Abano Healthcare, Australasia’s largest dental support organisation, serves roughly half-a-million patients in the ANZ region via brands like 1300 Smiles, Lumino The Dentists and Maven Dental. 

Abano Healthcare’s business model sees it acquiring local dental practices alongside acquisitions of bigger brands and placing them under the Abano Healthcare umbrella. 

This merger and acquisition process is essential to Abano Healthcare’s success. It also leaves the company with the constant need to connect disparate systems.

Abano healthcare began using SnapLogic to integrate systems and saw instant success. The company enjoyed: 

  • More than $250,000 in cost savings
  • Time to value reached in two months
  • 50% reduction in operating expenditure for integrations 

Abano Healthcare CIO Nisha Clark says, “SnapLogic is going to enable Abano Healthcare to become a leading player in the health industry. We have a thing called a connected chair. For me, that’s been very difficult to make that a reality with all the legacy backend systems. With a simple integration platform, I can see the future and how that’s going to bring everything together.

Learn more about SnapLogic

Keen to learn more about SnapLogic? Watch our explainer video.

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How Enterprises Can Accelerate Digital Transformation With Data Integration and Automation

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