Hampshire Trust Bank Speeds Up Ability to Serve Customers with SnapLogic

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Hampshire Trust Bank Speeds Up Ability to Serve Customers with SnapLogic

By Scott Behles

Digital transformation can seem a vague term that is hard to quantify. Not at Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) in the UK. They are taking concrete steps to dramatically digitally transform and speed up their ability to serve customers and grow the business. HTB is a specialist bank, staffed by experts who help UK businesses realize their ambitions through Business Finance, Development Finance, and Specialist Mortgages. The bank has made a big splash over the last few years with an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 percent over a two-year period. 

Moving faster has been at the top of their priority list as has achieving greater operational efficiency and delivering an exceptional customer experience. By using SnapLogic to automate their data and application integrations, they’ve been able to:

  • Roll out customer-facing digital services faster
  • Speed up the production of new apps and APIs
  • Streamline integrations for data warehousing and cloud analytics
  • Reserve developer resources for high-impact projects
  • Generate more business via a superior customer experience

HTB vetted 10 integration vendors before choosing SnapLogic for its low-code, self-service offering. By no longer having to hire expert developers for routine integration tasks, the bank could speed up integrations and allow citizen integrators (less technical staff across different business units) to snap together easy, prebuilt connectors and REST APIs to make connections that helped improve operational efficiency and the customer experience. 

With SnapLogic’s Iris AI Integration Assistant, they could shorten development times for process and workflow automation. SnapLogic proved so effective for API enablement that the Business Intelligence team also adopted it for cloud analytics and data warehousing projects. 

“The SnapLogic platform forms part of our wider strategy to deliver excellence through specialism in our chosen markets. By leveraging API Integration, machine learning, and third-party data sources, the SnapLogic platform helps us deliver significant and sustainable value for our brokers and customers while also improving cost efficiency. Rollout with the SnapLogic team was fast too — within 24 hours everyone was set up on the platform and the first three applications were integrated within four days,” said Russ Fitzgerald, CIO at HTB. 

Read the full HTB story here.

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