How Aramark Became Our Business Impact Award Winner

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Continuing our series on our 2021 Enterprise Automation Award winners, we now explore our  Business Impact Award. This award recognized the customer that made a big impact on its business and achieved exceptional business results and ROI using SnapLogic.

At Aramark, they found data was difficult to access, with pockets of data buried in silos across its different business segments and many legacy technologies that prevented the technical and data teams from supporting business initiatives, which often required hand-coded integrations. Stakeholders from different business units lacked the confidence to make business decisions due to missing, duplication, and wrong data. At the same time, employees needed to increase their productivity and customer service during service periods and various points of service.

To help business stakeholders obtain the data they needed in real-time, Aramark’s data team took on the initiative of building an AI/ML algorithm embedded data platform. This data platform, to be named Marko, would ingest data from internal and external data sources, including Microsoft Azure, Twilio, IoT Telemetry, Salesforce, 2,500+ point-of-sales (POS), weather data and more.

Because of the limitations and incompatibility to newer technologies with their legacy integration solution, the data team chose SnapLogic as their integration platform behind Marko. In using SnapLogic, they connected all internal and external data into Marko, improving the AI/ML algorithms as more data was ingested. Real-time data streaming into Marko was powered with SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines so that business stakeholders had access to real-time data.

Marko enabled various business units to mobilize, mine, and share operational, transactional, and analytics data while enriching data with AI and ML algorithms to develop data trends without sifting through millions rows of data. The Marko data-as-service solution surpassed 100m transactions in 2021. With this implementation, Aramark was able to see several business results, including:

  • Operations optimization that resulted in freeing operators to spend more time servicing Aramark’s customers and less time on non-value added tasks.
  • Simplified and increased the speed of delivery to stakeholders to get the data they need for analytics and reporting from weeks to minutes
  • Stakeholders enabled to  make better business judgments and predict outcomes of future events with data from on-premises and cloud apps, 2,500+ point-of-sales (POS) data, and external sources like geolocation and Covid-19 data.

Visit the SnapLogic Community to learn more about their solution and others, and stay tuned for more details on when we will open the awards program for this year.

Community Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
Business Impact Award Winner: Aramark

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