How Illumina Became Our Enterprise Automation Award Winner

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In 2021, we launched our Enterprise Automation Awards. We wanted to celebrate our customers’ successes and achievements in using SnapLogic to move their business forward. In this series, we explore their use cases to discover what made them award-winning solutions.

The first award we will look at is the Enterprise Automation Award, which recognized the customer that has propelled the business with automated business and systems processes across the enterprise. It was awarded to Illumina.

Illumina looked to SnapLogic to implement a Data Quality (DQ) framework that is SQL friendly, meaning everyone who knows SQL can implement DQ validation checks easily. In doing so, they could remove the skill dependency needed for their previous tool and save on the cost of maintenance for that tool.

High level architecture for Illumina

By using SnapLogic and Snowflake, Illumina was able to implement an Automated Data Quality Validation Framework. This allowed them to significantly reduce their development time without having to learn a new skill set to use the platform. Among the business results they discovered were:

  • Improved productivity by being able to use the same SQLs for implementing DQ checks that are used for data analysis.
  • Data Quality rules deployed almost 10 times faster using SQL knowledge than through their previous tool.
  • Reduced manual inefficiencies with reusing pipelines to execute multiple DQ rules (SQL queries).
  • Ease of maintenance in modifying any existing DQ rules by just updating a SQL statement in a config table.

For them, moving to SnapLogic was a real game changer. Ruchik Thakkar, who designed and built out their solution stated “It not only allowed the usual Data Onboarding Process but we were able to implement it successfully for developing a Data Quality Framework. SnapLogic provided us a way where we can templatize this solution, so it’s easy to reuse for other teams, easy to customize as per Business Requirements & Scalable as needed.”

Visit the SnapLogic Community to learn more about their solution and others, and stay tuned for more details on when we will open the awards program for this year.

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Enterprise automation award winner illumina

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