Identity & Integration: The Key Ingredients to SaaS Success

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Last week we hosted a joint webinar with partner OneLogin to talk about the increase of SaaS adoption and what that means both as an advantage to customers – lower costs, more speed to value, a more mobile workplace – and for how identity management and application integration are also starting to come into play. SnapLogic’s Darren Cunningham and Elias Terman of OneLogin were in total agreement throughout the webinar that the adoption of SaaS is causing disruption in the integration market and in realms of the security space, specifically single sign-on and identity management.

Another point of discussion was the emphasis and need for simplicity in the midst of an increasingly multi-SaaS and thousand-app enterprise. For SnapLogic, this means the need for a single platform, now falling under the category of integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Emphasizing simplicity and cloud speed, the SnapLogic Integration Cloud is an iPaaS that combines all application, process and data integration in one platform for enterprise integration needs.


For OneLogin, this need for simplicity is found in their single sign-on service for improved and efficient security. Similar to integration, legacy security and identity providers are unfit for the cloud as they are inconveniently located behind the firewall, too expensive, inherently complex and lacking functionalities needed for SaaS applications. But the business of OneLogin is to improve security across cloud applications and make customers more secure, productive and compliant by managing all of their identities across multiple devices and platforms.

We then moved onto a demo by Mario Tarabbio, Director of Business Development for OneLogin, showing how joint OneLogin and SnapLogic users can quickly implement identity management and single sign-on for SnapLogic. Pandora is great example of a customer using both the SnapLogic iPaaS and OneLogin management service, as they are running over 125 apps in the cloud and benefitting from connecting SaaS silos and users with cloud-based identity management and integration.

To view the entire webinar and demo, check out the recording above. You can also view the slides here.

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