Welcome to Integration Nation, SnapLogic’s Community Program!

Dayle Hall
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A company’s community is a powerful and dynamic space, expanding beyond the boundaries of a traditional online forum. It is the coming together of like-minded people, whether they are customers and prospects, partners and employees, industry experts, or influencers. 

Together, we engage in meaningful discussions, share common use cases, discover innovative solutions, and collectively grow our expertise. At the heart of our community is the recognition of exceptional customers and individuals who go above and beyond, ultimately contributing to the development of leaders within the industry.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Integration Nation, SnapLogic’s community program, designed to unite people in tackling integration and automation challenges head-on. Through this program, we aim to celebrate our customers and partners who lead the way with their innovative use cases, while also highlighting the remarkable contributions of our most dedicated supporters and fostering personal growth for all our members.

The new and improved SnapLogic Community platform

Today we start with a reimagined online community. As part of our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience, we’ve migrated community.snaplogic.com to a new platform, with new features, new content, and room for growth. 

Improved navigation

We have taken into account the invaluable feedback we received about our previous community platform’s navigation. To ensure you can easily find the content you desire, we have completely overhauled our content structure, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Integration Nation Navigation and Hero

Expanded discussion areas

Engaging discussions are the cornerstone of a thriving community. While we continue to support peer-to-peer product discussions, we have introduced new discussion areas dedicated to thought leadership integration topics and business use case solutions. To broaden these discussions, we will be opening up these areas to anyone interested in joining the Integration Nation, fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Integration Nation Discussions areas

New Architecture Center

Our Enterprise Architecture team is curating a wealth of resources to assist you in building the best integration solutions for your business needs. Within the Architecture Center, you will soon find videos, technical white papers, and other assets.

Enhanced Events area

The new platform makes it easier for you to stay informed about upcoming events where you can engage with SnapLogic. With the ability to filter by region or virtual events, you can find which events work best for you.

The community platform stands as the central hub that connects you to other community-based programs, amplifying your opportunities for networking, learning, and recognition.

Integration Nation Events Area

What’s on the horizon

Throughout the rest of the year, we have exciting plans to enhance other community-based programs.

MVP Program

As we incorporate the badges and rankings of the new community platform into the program, we’ll provide more information on how to become an MVP and engage more with our MVP members.

Enterprise Automation Awards

Going forward, our customer and partner award program will proudly be known as the Integration Nation Awards. As we progress, we will consider updating the award categories and submission process, ensuring that outstanding contributors receive the recognition they genuinely deserve.

Incorporating certification

Your certifications through the SnapLogic Academy will now be officially recognized within the community platform, enhancing your credibility and standing among your peers.

The launch of Integration Nation is an exciting new opportunity for all of us. We are confident that you’ll discover immense value and connect with others trying to address similar integration challenges.

Visit us at community.snaplogic.com and welcome to the Nation!

Dayle Hall
Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic
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Welcome to Integration Nation, SnapLogic’s Community Program!

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