Integration Should Be a Cloud Accelerator Not a Bottleneck

Today Integration Developer News wrote about our recent TechValidate Cloud Integration Survey, pointing out that the barriers to cloud application adoption “numbers are notable and underscore that larger U.S. companies want to use cloud not just for SaaS apps, but for big data and analytics.” As we discussed in the TechValidate Cloud Integration Survey webinar, the results are in line with the conversations we’re having with our customers, partners and prospects. As SaaS application, analytics and API adoption grows in the enterprise, the ability to connect with other systems is the essential ingredient to long-term customer success. Integration should be a cloud accelerator not a bottleneck.

The survey highlights that when it comes to integration platform as a service (iPaaS), speed and time to value are the primary drivers. The results also highlight the legacy integration challenges (known as the Integrator’s Dilemma) that both data-centric batch and bus-oriented service bus tools face when it comes to today’s social, mobile, analytics, cloud (SMAC) integration challenges. (See the post on why integration heritage matters for more on this topic.)

As for the barriers to cloud adoption, the article points out that security and data privacy remain at the time of the list. “When it comes to using cloud-based analytics, these concerns were even more pronounced. Some 57% of respondents said data security and privacy concerns are still barriers to adopting cloud analytics. Further, 38% complained about the inability of cloud-based BI (business intelligence) tools to handle a large variety of data sources.”

As I mentioned in the IDN article, data security and privacy should always be one of the first questions customers ask a public cloud service provider, but it should only be an objection if the vendor can’t produce the certifications and SLAs that enterprise IT organizations expect. In some cases the cloud security threat has more to do with job security risk than data breach risks due to the focus most public cloud providers have put into hardening their infrastructure.

You can download the entire survey results here. You can watch the webinar, which includes a deep dive SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform demonstration here. The slides are embedded below.

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