Introducing SnapLogic AutoSync

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As organizations make the move to the cloud with their apps, data and integration tools, data orchestration has emerged as a much needed discipline in data engineering and data management practices. Cloud Data Orchestration (CDO) is the creation of pipelines and processes to facilitate the movement of data from one location to another while coordinating the curation of the data to make it useful across the business. SnapLogic is in a unique position to deliver high value CDO solutions with a unified platform that enables application and data integration along with API management.

The Journey to Cloud Data Orchestration Starts with Data.

At the heart of every data-driven organization is the data itself. Data is the lifeblood of a successful business and without data being delivered in a timely manner to all parts of the organization, each part of the business will fail. But orchestrating data delivery can be a daunting task. Data comes in all shapes and sizes and from many different data sources – from cloud-based applications, real-time sensors, and mobile devices just to name a few. So how can organizations ensure they are collecting all necessary data to make the best decisions for the success of their business? Well, let me introduce you to SnapLogic AutoSync!

Synchronize all your data in minutes.

SnapLogic AutoSync is designed for insight-driven organizations with a need to accelerate time to value and boost business agility.  As a synchronization tool that delivers pre-packaged pipelines, connecting cloud-based data sources with the most popular cloud data warehouses, SnapLogic AutoSync empowers all persona, whether business-savvy or tech-savvy, to access and load data when and where it is needed most. But it is more than that, too.  Built on top of SnapLogic’s already proven Intelligent Integration Platform, AutoSync delivers enterprise scalability, cloud-native versatility and business-savvy usability in a lightweight, friendly and easy-to-use user interface.

Users will find that getting started with SnapLogic AutoSync is as easy as 1-2-3! First, simply connect to a supported data source.  Next, choose a target destination. And finally, determine the sync type and frequency. Just like that. No coding. No limits. No hassle. Arm your data experts with a tool that simplifies their day-to-day activities and fosters data sharing in a connected enterprise!

You have the data. We have the pipelines.

When you are ready to start your cloud data orchestration journey, we are ready with SnapLogic AutoSync. To learn more about AutoSync and how you can load data 20x faster, request a demo or sign up for our free, 30-day trial.

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