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We are really excited to introduce a brand new addition to our platform, SnapLogic Flows! SnapLogic Flows is a newly designed, guided user experience for business users that greatly simplifies building of integrations and automations. 

Business users are looking for ways to positively impact the business by automating mundane tasks so that they can focus on strategic initiatives. Marketing Operations Specialists, Sales Operations Managers know the ins and outs of their business processes but have little to no control over automation of these tasks because most integration platforms are extremely complicated for them to learn and hence they are completely reliant on IT. IT in most organizations are facing challenges of their own with lean teams and growing backlogs. Because of these challenges, business users are forced to wait for months before they can see the fruits of automation. Business users need a better approach to automation that puts them in the driver’s seat, without taking IT out of the equation.

SnapLogic Flows makes business process automation easy for every business user. SnapLogic Flows increases productivity across all business functions in the enterprise using a guided approach to connecting cloud applications and data. Flows allows business users to reduce or eliminate common manual tasks that can save them a tremendous amount of time. 

Another key aspect of Flows is that it enables business and IT teams to work together as one! SnapLogic Flows enables a federated integration model across IT and business teams on a single, powerful SnapLogic platform, helping to prevent shadow IT. Business users can leverage Flows to build automation quickly without help while the IT team provides security, governance, and user management.

Here are some key features of Flows:

Built for Business Users

  • Simple and modern interface: Guided user experience and in-app documentation simplifies the building of integrations and automations
  • No more coding: Data manipulations using Excel-like functions that are intuitive even to business users
  • Self-service: Build automations when you need them without any IT help and get to value faster
  • Easy to use: Provides a list of commonly used objects for each endpoint, simplifies filtering and mappings from source to destination, provides data preview, and cuts through the complexity
Figure 1: Simplify data transformations, filtering, and mapping for business users with data preview at every step and no-code transformations


  • Governance: Provides your business users autonomy yet allows IT to maintain organizational governance standards
  • Scalability: Runs on top of SnapLogic’s market-leading Intelligent Integration Platform which processes over 2.5 trillion documents per month
  • Security: Provides proven security features such as SOC 2 Type II, SSAE18 Type II, HIPAA, etc., and the option to run all Flows in your own administrative domain
  • Reliability: Removes the stress of having to update to the latest version with zero downtime upgrades 

In the early launch of SnapLogic Flows, we are enabling business users in Sales and Marketing. Flows will offer connectivity to Sales and Marketing endpoints such as Salesforce, Marketo, Box, Google Sheets, Slack, Email, File Reader and will power use cases such as 

  • Sync leads between Marketo and Salesforce 
  • Upload leads from field events, content syndication, third party programs to Salesforce
  • Get notified when a Salesforce record is updated
  • Send notification to finance team when a Salesforce Opportunity closes
  • Send notification to a sales rep when a Marketo/Salesforce lead is added
Figure 2: Loading leads from a field event from Google Sheets to Salesforce with SnapLogic Flows

SnapLogic Flows will also provide connectivity to ServiceNow and Microsoft Sharepoint, which enables you to build fast and simple automations for creating, managing, and getting notified on service tickets; creating shared workspaces for campaigns; and managing content in these spaces for increasingly distributed teams, and more. 

Watch out this space for more blogs on SnapLogic Flows where I dive into how to build your first sales and marketing Flows and check out this video to learn how quickly you can build a Flow.

Author’s Note (Dec 2022): SnapLogic Flows is no longer available to new customers. We are working to bring the Flows user experience into the SnapLogic Designer.

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