SnapLogic 2021 Year in Review

Dayle Hall
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As we enter 2022, I’ve been reflecting on SnapLogic’s milestones over the last year and thought I’d take the time to share them here as there’s been A LOT of great results our team has accomplished. Despite the continuation of the pandemic, we’ve had a stellar year, culminating in a $165M round of funding that puts our valuation at the $1B unicorn mark — something we’re super excited about as we plan for this new year. Enterprise automation has emerged as the business imperative for the foreseeable future, and we’re excited to accelerate our momentum and continue to deliver innovation that powers our customers’ success in this space.

Before I jump into a quick recap, I’d like to thank our customers, partners, investors, and all my colleagues for helping make SnapLogic the success that it is. And a special shout-out to my marketing team for their trust, dedication, and effort that contributes to our company’s success. I can’t thank you enough and I appreciate each and every one of you. 

And now, a quarter-by-quarter recap of some of the many SnapLogic highlights in 2021:


  • CEO Gaurav Dhillon Shares Annual Outlook – Gaurav shared his take on an unprecedented 2020, the impacts of the pandemic and how enterprise automation fueled record revenues and new opportunities, and the direction ahead for the company.
  • SnapLogic Supports AWS Redshift Console – AWS continued to invest in our partnership by allowing their customers to purchase and configure SnapLogic from the Redshift console. This built on our partnership that brought SnapLogic to the AWS Marketplace, AWS Redshift Ready, and AWS Services Ready programs.
  • February Product Release – We added Azure to our ELT capabilities, supercharged our universal pipeline search by pulling in results from community-built pipelines, and added support for Marketo and Hubspot automation. 
  • Survey – 78% of IT Leaders Plan to Increase Automation Investments – However, legacy technologies, a lack of internal skills, and a shift to remote working hamper these rollouts, all things that we help our customers overcome.


  • SnapLogic Unveils MVPs – We’ve long had a vibrant community and we decided to spotlight the people who go above and beyond in their support for all members of the extended community. 
  • May Product Release – Design-first API creation, Kubernetes support, and anomaly detection highlight this quarterly release of our platform.
  • Enhanced Partner Connect Program – We expanded our partner team and reignited our partner program by introducing three tiers of partners and aligned our partners according to industry and functional use cases. 


  • August Product Release and Unveiling of Flows UI – A seminal product innovation as we further democratize integration and automation via a UI that is tailor made for people who have never done so before; be on the lookout for more significant investments here.
  • Dummies Guide to Enterprise Automation – Enterprise automation is not just a technical hurdle, but also a process and organizational challenge that we help companies overcome, and this guide outlines how we help customers accomplish both.
  • NFL + SnapLogic + Snowflake – This co-produced video session gives you an idea of how deep our ISV partnerships go towards delivering meaningful market solutions – from product to sales to marketing – far beyond superficial logos on a partner webpage.


We’re entering 2022 strong and excited about where SnapLogic is enabling our customers to go. By giving them the integration capacities needed to quickly and easily drive automation, we look forward to serving our customers as this new year unfolds.

Dayle Hall
Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic
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