Ushering in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ with Innovation and Optimism

Guarav Dhillon
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I’m a voracious reader. But as we marked the start of 2021, I made a conscious decision to take a more considered approach to the books I read, the news I consume, and the social media discussions I engage in. If you’re not careful, the doom-and-gloom headlines and the social media pile-on can sometimes get you down: “The pandemic rages on!” “Fringe politics threatens our democracy!” “Winter storms batter the nation!” “The Silicon Valley exodus!”

I guess I’m an optimist. Always have been, maybe it’s a job requirement? I believe better days are ahead. And sooner than some might have you believe.

I recently shared an Economist article, “The new era of innovation: Why a dawn of technological optimism is breaking” (behind a paywall, unfortunately), which pointed to growing signs of a “roaring twenties” redux, a coming decade marked by breakthrough innovation and real progress. What’s behind this hope for a brighter future? New discoveries with transformative potential (the development of Covid-19 vaccines, as an example), increased financial investment in technology from both the private sector and governments and rapid adoption of promising new technologies by consumers and workforces alike, noted the author.

The article struck a chord with me, in part because it reflects exactly what I’m seeing play out every day around me. The excitement, the investment, the innovation — it’s on display day in and day out at the hundreds of global enterprises we’re proud to call SnapLogic customers. AstraZeneca saw its investments in advanced technology and data-driven research pay off in the delivery of a promising Covid-19 vaccine. Amid pandemic-induced physical store closures, Canadian retailer Browns Shoes dug deep and quickly adapted its business processes and IT systems to meet a newfound surge in online demand. Food services, facilities, and uniform provider Aramark built out a modern data architecture featuring streaming data through touchless sensors located in sports stadiums, enabling it to deliver its services while providing a measure of protection from physical contact for stadium goers.

And there’s plenty more. We hosted our inaugural Enterprise Automation Summit in December where we heard from global customers, partners, and industry leaders on how technology is accelerating business success. And one thing is clear as we collectively gear up for banner 2021 – speed and agility is the name of the enterprise game, and intelligent integration and automation is how you win. If you missed the Summit, check out the highlights in this short video.

I’m also proud to share, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, SnapLogic just closed its fiscal year (at the end of January) and it was one for the record books! A growing customer base, strong productive partnerships, continued product innovation, an ever-expanding SnapLogic team (we’re hiring!). It was a year like no other, and I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our customers, partners, and employees around the world for their ongoing commitment, passion, and support.

The future is bright indeed. For us at SnapLogic, and for our customers and partners, this future will be powered by enterprise automation. SnapLogic is focused on delivering intelligent automation that connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data. So you can embrace data and AI to rewire your business; replace manual, repetitive tasks with automated, digital ones; unlock your data so it flows freely and your business processes run without interruption and free up your workers to focus on strategic projects that deliver real business value. 

The automation era is here, and we’re excited to lead the way. Join us!

Guarav Dhillon
Founder and CEO of SnapLogic
Category: Enterprise

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