The January 2023 Release Is Here!

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The first release of the 2023 calendar year is here! And along with the December update brings a number of enhancements: updated AutoSync with support for additional source and destination endpoints and ability to connect to on-premises databases, new Workday REST Snaps to connect to Workday using the REST API, and many other Platform and APIM updates!

Connect to More Endpoints Fast With AutoSync

In the January and the prior December release, we have added Gainsight PX, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, SFTP, Zendesk as source endpoints while adding support for Databricks as a destination so that data engineers or business users can easily load data from these sources into their Cloud Data Warehouse of choice. With the January release, we are also adding the ability for users to pull data from a behind-the-firewall Oracle or PostgreSQL database using our on-premises based runtime (Groundplex). This update removes one of the biggest barriers for adoption of AutoSync by organizations with hybrid deployments.

AutoSync menu of source endpoints
Figure 1: AutoSync menu of source endpoints  

Welcome Workday REST Snap!

You can now use the newly added Workday REST Snap to connect to Workday REST APIs. It supports all standard REST operations and provides a few enhancements over the traditional SOAP APIs such as better object models, better performance with faster API query responses. It also supports authentication mechanisms such as OAuth2.0, private key certificates that are now becoming enterprise standards.

Configurations for Workday REST Snap
Figure 2: Configurations for Workday REST Snap

Platform Updates

SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform capabilities continues to evolve. In the December update of the platform, we added an easy way for you to migrate individual assets from one Org to another. We also added new public APIs so you can manage your SnapLogic deployments with ease programmatically. With the new APIs, you can export a project or create a project from Git files.

With the January release, you can now create new SnapLogic projects from a Git repository, either in or GitHub Enterprise, all in just one click.

Creating a new SnapLogic project form a Git repository
Figure 3: Creating a new SnapLogic project form a Git repository

New Policies and Updated Dev Portal for APIM

Managing security of APIs is a key aspect of growing your API ecosystem. As we serve the needs of more and more customers in managing their APIs, we have added tools for them to effectively secure those APIs.

We have added following security policies for APIs in our API Management offering:

  • JSON validator policy: It enables you to specify limits on JSON structures so that you can minimize the risk of content-level attacks.
  • XML schema validator policy: It protects APIs from XML injection attacks. Such attacks can happen when the API implementation does not validate the XML input before using it in a query.

With the January updates, you will see a redesigned Developer Portal that will provide a user experience that is consistent with the SnapLogic Studio. In addition to the improved look-and-feel, you can now use Category filters when searching for APIs and Applications.

Redesigned API Developer Portal
Figure 4: Redesigned API Developer Portal

We will cover many of these product updates in detail in our upcoming product webinar. So please join us on February 7, 2023, 9 am PT for some demos and a live Q&A with our Product Management team. See you then!

Dhananjay Bapat headshot
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
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