What Klarna’s GenAI-Powered $40M Increase in Profits Means for Enterprises

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Exciting news from Klarna! Their OpenAI-powered AI assistant, live for just a month, is already set to boost profits by $40M.

The stats are mind-blowing

Since Klarna released their assistant, they’ve seen the following improvements:

  • 2.3 million conversations, handling two-thirds of customer chats
  • Equivalent to the work of 700 full-time agents
  • Matching human agents in customer satisfaction
  • 25% fewer repeat inquiries due to higher accuracy
  • Issue resolution time cut from 11 mins to under 2 mins
  • Available in 23 markets, 24/7, in over 35 languages

GenAI for developing apps

At SnapLogic, we’re offering tools that can deliver similar game-changing gains.

The recently released GenAI Builder is an innovative platform that lets enterprises quickly develop GenAI-driven applications, activate automated processes, and directly enhance customer service and operational efficiency. 

It’s a powerhouse for generating content like personalized emails and extracting and summarizing data from various documents. 

Use cases across the enterprise:

  • Human resources: leverage employee handbooks and HR documents to provide automatic answers for staff inquiries about company policies, benefits, etc.
  • Procurement: ask questions and get information about purchase orders or invoices during the vendor procurement process
  • Legal: Gather information from previous legal contracts that can suggest red lines and provide accuracy and consistency across documentation
  • Finance: Analyze market data and competitive research reports for insights to improve financial analysis, forecasting and strategic planning
  • Customer experience: Deploy a self-service chatbot to provide instant answers to customer questions and reduce the burden for the support team
  • IT: enhance internal knowledge base with GenAI-powered search capabilities that return relevant, up-to-date responses to queries

Why is this a game-changer?

  • Cost efficiency: Major savings in customer service, sales, and more
  • Enhanced experience: Fast, accurate responses boost customer happiness
  • Scalability: Manage increasing queries without adding staff

Klarna’s GenAI leap is just the beginning. Learn more about the latest advances in LLMs, GenAI, and how these tools are helping companies modernize their digital environments and transform their operations. View on-demand sessions from Evolving the Enterprise With Generative Integration Virtual Summit, featuring global data leaders, enterprise AI experts, and IT pros from Acolad, Yamaha, twoday, AWS, and more.

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GenAI for Enterprises Is Paying Off

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