Machine learning front and center at a hands-on Tech Open House

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Our third SnapLogic Tech Open House on June 20 was a night of learning … machine learning to be exact. I, along with Jump Ananpiriyakul, our machine learning expert, talked about and demonstrated machine learning and how it can be used on the SnapLogic platform. Our presentation covered the importance of machine learning as well as an overview of how it’s used in SnapLogic to improve our user experience. I believe that all businesses of all sizes will need to directly or indirectly need to take advantage of machine learning to remain competitive. A strategic use of machine learning can improve customer experience, customer engagement, business processes, and free up human intellect to focus on more interesting problems.

The SnapLogic Machine Learning Showcase

We revealed the SnapLogic Labs Machine Learning Showcase and shared how SnapLogic can be used to solve several classic machine learning problems including Iris flower classification, handwriting recognition, and object recognition.

We gave an introduction to the machine learning problem of classification and two popular algorithms for solving classification: decision trees and neural networks. After demonstrating how to build and deploy models using the SnapLogic platform, every participant was given a trial account and access to sample machine learning pipelines.

During the hands-on portion, we walked everyone through the development of a SnapLogic pipeline that could do a sentiment analysis on publicly available Yelp reviews. We presented an example pipeline and then walked through the steps of replicating the pipeline. Guests were able to validate and run the machine learning pipelines, and some were able to create their own sentiment analysis pipelines to determine whether reviews were negative or positive from the text.

Machine learning is both incredibly popular and has much potential to transform business processes and human computer interaction. A challenge is how to scale the adoption of machine learning because not every company can hire a team of data science Ph.D.s. The current approach is to learn quite a bit of mathematics, statistics, and programming, of course, but as was demonstrated during the Tech Open House, there are ways to get started without having to code, simply by using the SnapLogic visual interface and our machine learning Snaps.

More on our machine learning thoughts in the months to come, but in the meantime, keep watch for future SnapLogic Tech Open House dates. We’re always excited to share more discoveries and experiments around our tech advancements.

Chief Scientist at SnapLogic and Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco
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