The March 2023 Release Is Here!

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The March 2023 release is here! In this release, we have introduced a brand new Snap Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The platform now provides native Git integration with Azure Repos and new APIs for enhanced CI/CD process automation. API Management has been enhanced with new API policies and extended support for YAML and OAS 3.0. And in addition, there are a number of enhancements. Let’s learn more about the key updates from this release.

All New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM Snap Pack

With this release, we are adding support for Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM) modules with a new Snap Pack. First version of this Snap Pack adds Read and Search Snaps that allow you to read objects and search through objects from the Finance and Supply Chain Modules. Support for writing and updating data in this cloud based ERP endpoint is coming soon. Similar to other Microsoft Snap Packs, such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, this Snap Pack is built using OData and leverages the rich querying capability of OData. This Snap Pack adds pre-built connectivity to Microsoft’s successor for the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system and provides connectivity with OAuth 2.0 and access token based accounts.

An example Read Snap configuration shown below fetches a People Entity record with a specific PartyNumber. The Snap then provides Address, Person Details and Contractor data in the output.

Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM Read Configuration
Figure 1: Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM Read Configuration

Other Key Snap Enhancements

Other key Snap enhancements include the following:

  • Redshift Snap Pack is now bundled with a default driver recommended by Amazon. This allows a secure connectivity to Redshift at all times and saves you from hunting for a Redshift JDBC driver
  • Azure Active Directory OAuth2 account now supports client credentials, authorization role grant types.

Support for Azure Repos, New Public APIs, and Better Troubleshooting

SnapLogic continues to invest in its CI/CD capabilities. SnapLogic currently supports, GitHub Enterprise as code repositories, in addition to a native repository for your pipeline versions and metadata and with the March release we are adding support for Azure Repos. Our vision is to support most of the code repositories that use the Git protocol, so expect support for additional code repositories in the future.

Another key aspect of enhancing our CI/CD capabilities is improvement to our public APIs for more automated operations. In the March release, we are adding support for following public APIs so that you can automate more of your CI/CD workloads.

  • Create an API version by leveraging assets from an existing project. Target API can be anywhere, even in a separate org or Snaplex.  This API extends our CI/CD capabilities to our API Management product.
  • Task APIs allow you to enable or disable a task
  • A new Asset API allows you to update the owner of a task

Another extremely useful feature that was added in March enables faster troubleshooting. With the new feature, as can be seen from the Gif below, you can synchronously track metrics across various charts such as CPU usage, memory usage, active thread count, Network data sent/received, active pipelines, etc, for faster root cause analysis. With this feature, you can quickly figure out why memory usage suddenly spiked or why a pipeline failed, etc.

Synchronously track metrics across multiple charts for easy troubleshooting
Figure 2: Synchronously track metrics across multiple charts for easy troubleshooting

API Management Enhancements

New API Management enhancements bring additional security to your APIs and give you more flexibility by supporting more file formats and specifications.

  • API Gateway now supports a new policy for SQL threat detection so that you can minimize the risk posed by SQL injection attacks by filtering out SQL commands and keywords in a request
  • You can now generate API specifications in OpenAPI version 3.0 in addition to JSON and YAML specs

    Dialog box when generating a new API specification
    Figure 3: Dialog box when generating a new API specification

  • YAML support has also been added when you are publishing APIs to the Developer Portal

To learn more about these and other product updates, please check out the release notes or reach out to the customer success team.

Dhananjay Bapat headshot
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
The March 2023 Release Is Here!

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