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SnapLogic had a terrific 2015. We more than doubled our bookings, added 300+ new customers and raised a new round of funding, among other milestones. While most of this success came from the hard work and creativity of the people at SnapLogic who build, manage, market and sell this platform, as well as our customers and partners, it also reflected of a level of growth and maturity in the modern integration market.

What we heard from customers last year were:

  • the old months-long, manual app and data integration projects were not conducive to business agility
  • legacy ESB- and ETL-type products could not keep up with the realities of on-prem/cloud hybrid environments (much less the demands of big data)
  • having integration tasks that could only be performed by a few experts was a bottleneck

These customers chose us as reliable, trusted partners who could support both app and data integration with a single platform, and do so quickly and efficiently. Enterprise customers chose SnapLogic because they were ready to let go of old ideas and solve integration challenges at the speed of modern business.

So – we knew that we had to start 2016 with a clearer message, an emphasis on speed and agility, and a brand campaign to tell the rest of the world what our customers already knew: that SnapLogic helps companies accelerate integration in order to accelerate their business. It’s about more than connecting endpoints, it’s about integration at the speed of modern business. And a new campaign was born.

The full campaign manifesto is below, based on the feedback we gathered from customers, partners, and industry thought leaders. In addition to the new tagline, we have new designs that are bright, dynamic and fast. We hope you, our community, enjoy them. 


SnapLogic Diamonds

Campaign Manifesto

It’s time to rethink integration.
Integrating data and applications with legacy products is slowing down your business.
What you’re running now is no longer running fast enough for today’s business needs.
But what if you could eliminate the pain of integration and get to its promise?
To prioritize outcomes over process.
To enable your enterprise with a modern solution.
With SnapLogic you can.
SnapLogic brings all your data together, at incredible speeds and
with an ease never known before.
Data, applications, and APIs—from any source, anywhere.
Instead of coding, you merely drag and drop intelligent connectors in the cloud.
They fit together seamlessly.
In a snap.
You’ll connect faster and more efficiently, enabling you to become a more agile business.
Whether it’s maximizing investments in big data, or getting new products to market faster.
Whatever your enterprise strategy, SnapLogic gets you there easier and quicker.
And wasn’t that what integration was supposed to do in the first place?
Don’t let your legacy integration solution be your legacy.
It’s time to let go of those old ideas.
It’s time to operate at the speed of modern business.
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